remembering the pig flu

 i wrote down these reflections in may 2014. i’m glad i did. some of the emotions have faded since then, and they shouldn’t. global health scares keep popping up in the 21st century. we need to be strong physically and mentally.

it’s been 5 years now since mexico city was shut down by the swine flu. most of the memories i have of the moment piss me off………

many metro riders in mexico city wearing masks to protect them from swine flu

swine flu memories

the stupid fuckin masks everywhere. uneasiness every time u heard the person next to u sneeze. preventative measures such as ‘cover your mouth when u cough’ and ‘wash your hands often’ welcomed as if they were new ideas. the public having to depend on a government that it usually doubts for information about the epidemic and worst of all, one of the world’s biggest, most vibrant cities hamstrung over a bogus prediction.

she got the fever? they got the fever?

there was a negative surreal feeling to turning on the international news and realizing ‘hey, that’s us’, and while the pig flu seems thankfully unimportant in comparison to the natural disasters and political unrest that have dominated global interest the past 5 years, the exaggeration of the threat it presented was nevertheless some dumbass shit to live through.

this is one of the most important songs written about the swine flu experience–>


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