johnny depp trial: 20+ vocabulary examples from the sensational internet event

throughout the past several weeks, students have been interested in talking  about the johnny depp trial. this video from reuters summarizes what happened with useful vocabulary for talking about the trial that will be valuable for u in several other scenarios too.

at :06 in the video, we hear that…

a virginia jury ruled that amber heard defamed her ex-husband johnny depp, a verdict that caps a dramatic widely watched six-week trial detailing the former hollywood couple’s chaotic relationship.

amber heard & johnny depp when they were a couople--johnny depp trial--vocabulario en inglés

the jury awarded depp us$15 million in damages from heard after the pirates of the caribbean star had sued her for us$50 million.

award means give as compensation. quantities of money are read $15 million (15 million dollars) and $50 million (50 million dollars). 15/50 millions of dollars, the direct translation from the spanish quince/cincuenta millones de dolares IS A MISTAKE. sue means take legal action against. had sued is past perfect. it contrasts two moments: the end of the trial when depp was awarded $15 million and the beginning when he legally asked for $50 million.

[amber heard] claimed depp smeared her when his lawyer called her accusations a “hoax.”

the disappointment i feel today is beyond words. i’m heartbroken that the mountain of evidence still was not enough to stand up to the disproportionate power, influence and sway of my ex-husband.

disappointment is sadness about expectations that aren’t met. beyond words means amber can’t explain how she feels. heartbroken means extremely sad. mountain in this context is a metaphor that means a lotstand up to means amber was defending herself against depp. sway refers to depp’s power and disproportionate means amber thinks this power is more than it should be. sway can also mean move rhytmically from side to side as it is used in the chorus of this popular song

i been dancing in my room, swaying my feet
tryna give you love and a kiss on the cheek

tryna is a reduction of trying to.

obviously, depp saw it differently. at :35 his comment on the verdict is shared…

the jury gave me my life back. i am truly humbled.

humbled is used to express feelings of modesty, the opposite  of proud. give back means return. it’s used several times in this midnight oil song about returning lands in australia to indigenous cultures.

after the trial concluded,  this article in english from agence france-presse (afp) contemplated johnny depp’s future. this was the headline…

Can Johnny Depp’s career bounce back with defamation verdict?

bounce back means recover, become successful again.

arnold schwarzenegger meme from the movie hercules in new york text reads the whole entire internet when johnny depp needs our help--johnny depp trial

will the support johnny depp got during his trial translate into a bounce back for his career?

the article shares the opinions of university of southern california (usc) professor and reputation management specialist karen north

while a comeback from lurid accounts of alcohol- and drug-fuelled binges could be problematic for someone with a more clean-cut image, depp “has never said that he was a mild-mannered do-gooder. when somebody is a bit of a bad boy… when they’re accused of doing something that involves being volatile, people say, ‘well, i’m not surprised – it doesn’t change who i think that person is’.”

a comeback is a return to popularity. lurid means sensational, shocking & sexualbinge is addictive or excessive behavior with drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, streaming services etc. fuelled refers to  what caused the binge. clean-cut means short-haired, not bearded, with a neat appearance. mild-mannered means polite, gentle. do-gooder is the noun equivalent of do good. it describes a person who wants to help other people even if the other people don’t want their helpa bit means a little. involve means include. volatile is unstable.

a movie poster for edward scissorhands--vocabulario en inglés    johnny depp leonardo dicaprio & juliette lewis in what's eating gilbert grape--vocabulario en inglés

edward scissorhands and gilbert grape are mild-mannered characters

north also said…

“i think there are studios that will be willing to work with him at this point.” despite a string of recent flops, “he’s almost always been very good for the box office [and depp is] as much in the public eye now as he ever has been because of the trial”.

willing means they would agree to it.  despite means it doesn’t matter. a string means a few in a row. a flop is a movie that fails. box office refers to how much money a movie makes in theaters. in the public eye means receiving media attention. as much as is used with present perfect (has been) to express that this is the most media attention johnny depp has gotten at any point (ever) in his career.

a box office, original conception--vocabulario en inglés    hbo max logo--vocabulario en inglés

the box office is also where u buy tickets to see a movie. hbo stands for home box office

the english practice extra video for this post is a tiktok that includes vocabulary examples of hunky, might, some kinda, cat, rumination, and the like, actually, pensive, pondering, contemplative, huge, cock, dude and boner.

additionally, there are  examples of fella, even and fucking that have been discussed in other posts on

perhaps most importantly, the video indicates two possible applications for the word deep: one that applies to sexual penetration and the other that implies wisdom.

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what other vocabulary did u learn from watching or reading about the johnny depp trial?  share your observations under leave a reply

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