binge watching netflix gave me a wisconsin accent

the latest vid on the richyrocks of the is called netflix did this to me. it was inspired by (kindabinge watching the netflix original making a murderer. the 10 episode documentary details the questionable incarceration of steven avery and his nephew brandon dassey, residents of manitowoc county, wisconsin, usa.

wisconsin and its neighbors in the midwest

wisconsin is a state in the midwest of the united states. (

the video exaplains that the side effect (unwanted impact) of not being able to stop talking with a wisconsin accent has been suffered as a result of binge watching (viewing several episodes at a time) the series.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

here is some vocabulary analysis to enhance your appreciation of the vid…….

at :28 besides that means in addition, also or anyway.

at :50 catch someone’s eye means to get their attention.

at :52 rekindle is similar to renew, continue after a long break. it’s originally related to fire and is often used to describe a romantic relationship.

rekindle romance in your relationship

going to the beach is one way to rekindle romance in a relationship

at 1:01 give or take a couple days means approximately, more or less.

listen for the darndest thing at 1:04. darndest is a softer way to say damndest, which is the superlative for damn. it emphasizes that speaking with a wisconsin accent after binge watching making a murderer is unexpected and weird.

at 1:15, culver’s, a fast food restaurant chain that can be found all over wisconsin and has its corporate headquarters in prairie du sac, wisconsin (about two hours by car from random lake, also mentioned in the video), is mentioned.

a meal from culver's--wisconsin food

the burgers at culver’s are ok, but the cheese curds and ice cream are absolutely delicious.

at 1:30, in the phrase what a lot of people don’t realize, realize means understand, see or become aware of.

at 1:47 fans of the green bay packers are referenced. green bay is in wisconsin, and wisconsin is famous for cheese production. many packer fans represent this by wearing a hat that looks like a piece of cheese during packer games.

packer fan wearing a cheese head

green bay packer fans embrace wisconsin’s cheese culture by wearing the cheesehead hat.

at 1:50, everybody knows wisconsin’s got cheese is a contraction of the has got structure. it’s the equivalent of saying wisconsin has cheese.

everybody knows wisconsin's got cheese

everybody knows wisconsin’s got cheese. (

at 2:11, embrace your accent means happily accept it, and own your accent means be proud of. this is really my opinion about accents in english.  it’s the lingua franca, there are obviously gonna a lot of accents. don’t make yourself crazy trying to “correct” yours.  definitely pay attention to pronunciation, but embrace that among the billions of english speakers, your accent is at least a little unique.

whatever (the heck) that is at 2:18 indicates difficulty defining something, in this case sounding more authentic speaking english.

at 2:23, in the comment there’s people on youtube’ll tell yayoutube’ll is a future tense contraction. people on youtube’ll tell u some variation of listen, imitate, repeat is a good way to practice english. maybe. but it is also tedious and boring.


get rid of your accent--trade it for the wisconsin accent

get rid of your accent?  NO! own your accent. be proud of your accent.

sooner or later at 2:55 means in the end.

a prosecutor is a lawyer who represents the government in a criminal trial. in making a murderer the prosecutor comes off as a big asshole; he is referred to as high and mighty at 3:12 which means arrogant, stuck up.

i haven’t talked to anyone here in mexico who watched making a murderer, but it is highly recommended viewing, especially if u have an idealized concept of the u.s. legal system. or want to speak english with a wisconsin accent 😀



steven avery comes off as the victim of an unjust system in making a murderer. (

if u have seen making a murderer, what is your opinion? share your observations under leave a reply



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