smorgasbord: cool english from sweden

smorgasbord is an english word of swedish origin.  it is originally related to food, as explained on the swedish tourism site


the word smörgås means something like “open sandwich”, and bord is the swedish word for “table”, but still a smörgåsbord is not a table full of sandwiches, but instead consists of a number of small dishes. it may contain a number of herring dishes (sweet-pickled herring, pickled herring with onions, mustard, dill, etc.), swedish meatballs, salmon, pies, salads, ‘jansson’s temptation’ (sliced herring, potatoes and onions baked in cream), eggs, bread, boiled and fried potatoes and so on. smörgåsbord was served in the 18th century as an appetizer. gradually, however, it has become a meal in itself. today few people ask for more after having tried everything on a smörgåsbord.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

herring  jansson's temptation, an important component in a smorgasbord

herring in the ocean & in janssen’s temptation  (jacob botter, russell kaye)  

smorgasbord can indicate a wide selection not related to food too. in fact the section of that has all this info is called smorgasbord.  as the site says:

the sweden information smorgasbord is the web’s largest single source of info in english on sweden, swedish provinces, nature, culture, lifestyle, society and industry

cardigans icona pop  abbaroxetteace of base
a smorgasbord of swedish pop talent 

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