swederland ain’t there

regularly in my english coaching experience there is confusion between the names of the countries sweden and switzerland, frequently by creating a nation that exists only in english class, swederland.

absolut: from the country of sweden. NOT swederland

sweden has produced the vodka brand absolut and rock bands the knife 

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

and the hives

youtube celebrity pewdiepie and football superstar zlatan ibrahimovic, who played his last game for the swedish national team this week at euro2016, are swedes (people from sweden).

pewdepie    zlatan ibrahimovic

pewdiepie & zlatan ibrahimovic

the nationality for sweden is swedish; for example, smorgasbord is a famous example of swedish cuisine.

the switzerland national football team had some memorable moments at euro2016, including this spectacular goal by xherdan shaquiri earlier today vs poland.

unfortunately for switzerland, they lost the match in penalties and were eliminated from the tournament.

switzerland’s roger federer  (epa)

tennis legend roger federer and global brand nestlé are from switzerland too.

nestle swederland

mega brand nestlé calls switzerland home (NOT swederland)

the nationality for switzerland is swiss. it is important in brand names such as the swiss army knife and k-swiss.

swiss army knife      k-swiss classic

the swiss army knife is produced by two swiss companies & k-swiss was founded by two swiss immigrants in los angeles in the 1960s.

swiss is also well recognized in the expression swiss bank account, which was in the news last week due to (because of) a political scandal in brazil that appears to include interim (temporary) president michel temer. bbc.com reported

Brazil Attorney General: Tourism minister ‘had Swiss bank account

what other icons, images or information do u associate with sweden and switzerland? share your thoughts under leave a reply




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