considerate world cup fans from japan, senegal & uruguay pick up trash

earlier this week at the world cup, fans from three different continents showed conisderate (kind, thoughtful; the final syllable is the schwa sound) attitudes towards russian stadium workers. an article by joseph bogage on the washington post website had this headline

How nice! Japan and Senegal fans pick up trash after games at the World Cup

pick up in this context means collect, remove from the ground.

japanese fans picking up trash after their match with colombia in russia

japanese fans picking up after their match with colombia (adam pretty/getty images)

on tuesday, polite fans from japan and senegal

stayed at their respective stadiums after their teams’ wins….to pick up trash and lighten the work of the 15,000 or so russian volunteers.

respective means japan at their stadium and senegal at theirs. lighten means make less or easier. or so is similar to roughly or approximately.

cool esl practice :) richyrocks on youtube

a deck of cards has four suits

the four suits in card games: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades.

bogage points out that

japan is known for this behavior.

and that

senegal fans, after their lions upset poland, 2-1, followed suit. they stacked all the trash in their sections into neat piles

upset means poland was the favorite to win the match, but senegal won. followed suit means senegal did the same thing that japan did. it’s related to playing cards. neat means orderly, organized. is known for is a common application of passive voice>>auxiliary be + past participle.  behavior is conduct. how u act. bjork‘s classic cut observes that there is definitely, definitely, definitely no logic to human behavior

on wednesday, uruguayans got in on the act (participated) too,

uruguayan fans seem to be in a cleaning mood. [they were] tidying up after their side’s win against saudi arabia. that clinched uruguay a spot in the knockout stage.

seem means appear. mood is a temporary state of mind or disposition. tidy up means make clean. clinch means guarantee. after the group phase of the world cup, 2 teams from each group pass to the knockout stage, or single elimination phase of the world cup (win or go home, losers are knocked out of the tournament).

ocean trash

every year, humans dump 8 million or so tons of garbage into the oceans.

when u attend an event in a stadium, do u ever clean up (make an area clean, neat) after the event? share your experience under leave a reply




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