have a nice day, a beautiful time, a nice trip & fun

in spanish it’s common to say buen fin to wish someone a nice weekend or bonito dia when greeting someone in the morning.  it’s normal for spanish speaking english students to translate this directly and say only “nice day” when they see someone on their way in to work or school. in english, however, the expression requires the verb have at the beginning to sound authentic: have a nice weekend or have a nice day.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

bon jovi’s song have a nice day is a useful, musical reminder.

the short video of a security guard that runs at the end of family guy and american dad episodes and shows the underdog productions logo follows the same structure.

the french phrase bon voyage (buen viaje in spanish) can be used to wish people safe travels, but if u want to express the sentiment with english words, u must use have.

finally, the phrasal verb have fun (divertirse in spanish) is often used to tell people to enjoy themselves. like in the chorus of this cool funk/disco track by b.t. express that says

everybody have a little fun tonight. have some fun tonight.

wang chung encourages their listeners to do the same thing with the title and chorus of this song

everybody have fun tonight. everybody wang chung tonight.

nobody knows for sure what wang chung means as a verb. probably sexual.

have fun also appears several times in the dance track big fun by inner city in the lyric

we’re having big fun

could u identify all of the have examples in the videos? which song is your favorite? share your selection under leave a reply

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