“flub” & other vocabulary from the spectacular oscars flub

the 89th academy awards ceremony (the oscars) held last weekend in the dolby theater in hollywood will be remembered for the big time flub (mistake) of presenting  the award for best picture to la la land when the film moonlight was the actual (real) winner.

moonlight swimming scene
an iconic scene between alex hibbert and mahershala ali from moonlight 

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

moonlight director barry jenkins called the awkward (uncomfortable) moment

messy, but kind of gorgeous.

kind of means slightly, more or less. it is usually pronounced kinda.  gorgeous is beautifulmessy means disorganized or untidylike messy marvin in this memorable ad campaign from hershey’s. marvin always makes a mess, but not when he makes chocolate milk: hershey’s comes in a no-mess plastic bottle.

an article by kristopher tapley reports

in a joint interview, exclusive to variety the morning after the oscar ceremony, [la la land director demian] chazelle and jenkins — both emotionally hungover from the stunning scenario that had unfolded hours earlier — were finally able to compare notes on their respective experiences when chaos broke out on the dolby stage.

variety is an entertainment trade magazine that has been in publication since 1905.  variety is also a hard word for spanish speakers to say in english, maybe because the word is almost the same in english and spanish but the accent is in a different place.  click here to hear how to pronounce it correctly.  joint means together–both directors were interviewed at the same time. hungover is the tired, sick condition felt the day after getting drunk. stunning is shocking. surprising. unfolded in this context means happened.  break out means start suddenly.

damien chazelle & barry jenkins on the cover of variety
damien chazelle and barry jenkins on the cover of variety (gavin bond)

chazelle said this about the chaos

everything looked so energized, i at first thought there was some kind of prank going on.

a prank is an elaborate joke.  the article continues

jenkins, meanwhile, was in his seat, poised to give an acceptance speech just in case his film won.

meanwhile is at the same time. poised means ready. just in case is used when taking precautions. jenkins describes what happened like this

i had something that I had prepared to say, and that thing went completely out the window. i’ve been saying that [co-writer] tarell [alvin mccraney] and I are that kid in the film, and that kid does not grow up to make a piece of art that gets eight academy award nominations. it’s a dream i never allowed myself to have. when we were sitting there, and that dream of winning didn’t come true, I took it off the table. but then I had to very quickly get back into that place. and my first thought was to get to the stage to give jordan [horowitz, a la la land producer] a hug as quickly as possible.

out the window means he decided not to say what he had prepared. grow up means go from a child to an adult. off the table means remove, not available. as quickly as is a comparative structure that means the fastest way.

jordan horowitz & barry jenkins hug in the middle of all the chaos on stage. (chris pizzello/invision/ap)

tapley is impressed by  team la la land’s tactful (appropriate for the situation) response

in an odd way, the most embarrassing snafu in the history of the academy awards offered a rare glimpse into expressions of grace, humanity, and camaraderie among fierce rivals contending for hollywood’s biggest movie prize in a high-stakes race to the finish.

odd is weird.  a snafu indicates that it didn’t go as planned. rare means not typical. it is NOT the same as raro in spanish. it does NOT mean weird. glimpse is a quick look.  fierce is intense. high-stakes means important.

directors barry jenkins and demian chazelle in a joint interview for variety magazine. (gavin bond, variety)

what do u think about this oscar snafu? do u agree it was a glimpse of grace and humanity? could it have been a fake flub created to keep the public talking about the oscars for as long as possible? share your views under leave a reply




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