the u (& the ima) in fua

this video from my youtube channel defends the use of the letter u to replace the word you.  the mexican inside joke mentioned at :48 is fua which stands for fuerza universal aplicada, in english applied universal force.

this is the report that made fua a household phrase in mexico

the english translation in the fua vid includes several instances of the informal but common expression ima, which is a reduction of the already reduced i’m gonna (gonna=going to).  it is a future tense structure. u can also hear it around 1:00 in the first video as part of the declaration

i learned y-o-u, but ima fuckin write u. the letter.

at :50 the definition of fua is translated as

tapping into the grit in your belly & saying “ima do it”

tap into is a phrasal verb that means access and grit is a mix of courage and toughness
mussolini-460_802785cel fua

 something about the fua guy’s charisma reminds me of mussolini

fun efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

is fua something real that can help u do better in life? or is it just some confused shouts from a drunk guy? do u ever use u instead of you when u are communicating digitally?  share your thoughts under leave a reply


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