sergio dipp’s english debut on monday night football

during the early moments of game two of the 2017 season premiere of monday night football featuring the los angeles chargers and the denver broncos,  sergio dipp made his english debut (first appearance) as a sideline reporter. he struggled (had trouble) a little to express his idea, and he reported that broncos head coach vance joseph was having the time of his life. i was watching the game, but dipp’s report didn’t really catch my attention until i saw it trending on twitter. it was due to  (because of) the sarcastic/rude tone of several tweets that dipp didn’t report again.

there was a big internet reaction to sergio dipp’s monday night football debut. this one was nice. it shows broncos head coach vance joseph having the time of his life photoshopped into a scene from dirty dancing.

i’m surprised that i could talk about the significance of sergio dipp’s 30 seconds in english on monday night football for about 9 minutes in this vlog from the richyrocks youtube channel. one reason for the 9-minute breakdown (analysis–listen at :35 on the video) is that  i didn’t edit out several moments where i also struggled to find the right words (irony :D).

there is a strong sarcastic tone to the analysis, but i do sincerely believe, as the video says at :10, that this shit (stuff, material) is cultural and quite (very) significant to our times.

plus all the vocabulary.

  • the broadcast (telecast) of this game represented several milestones (accomplishments) including that it was the first time african-american coaches had faced each other in their nfl debuts. i don’t completely understand why sergio dipp brought this up (mentioned it–look for bring up at 1:05 in the vid).  it’s kind of a vague milestone.
a milestone
the original idea of milestone
  • congratulations to beth mowins for being the first woman in 30 years to announce a monday night football game, but like the vid says and shows at 1:30, she’s a little too nasal for my liking (for me, for my tastes).

beth mowins

beth mowins: i respect her milestone, but she’s a little too nasal for my liking. (
  • i can tell u this much at 2:00 is used when u are confident about something, usually to contrast with doubt about another point or points.


  • on with (the milestones) at 2:22 means let’s continue with.


  • a reminder (3:25) helps u remember. let jay-z‘s song serve as a reminder (more irony!)  it was used as the soundtrack for this teaser for the hangover 2 (in both hangover 1 and 2 the wolfpack don’t remember what happened during a crazy night of partying).


  • at 4:35  3rd conditional (for hypothetical situations in the past) is used when talking about the video sergio dipp made after his monday night football appearance. he shared that on 9/11 he was in elementary school in california. the fact that he was in school in california (usa) might give the idea that english is his first language or that he grew up bilingual, but he could have been an esl student in the u.s., especially in california where there are many esl students.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

  • 2nd conditional shows up (appears) as part of the explanation on how dipp is a brutal name for broadcasting in english. dip and dipshit are both insults similar to stupid or idiot.  though it takes me several tries, the conclusion is that if your last name in mexico was dejo, people would make jokes. people would call u pendejo (jackass). in reality, dejo is not a last name in mexico.

danny trejo/princess leia "help me, pendejo. you're my only hope"

  • listen at 6:43 for the word glitch in reference to the famous “guay de rito” meme. the complete idea in the video is because of a production glitch the translation broke down. break down in this context is stopped working.
an uncomfortable moment between anthony hopkins & joaquin lopez doriga
because of a technical glitch, the translation for anthony hopkins broke down. joaquin lopez doriga asked “juay de rito?” and created one of the most famous mexican internet memes ever. 
  • as the breakdown continues at 7:05, the observation is that

after the game sergio dipp probably felt like he blew it. in fact, in the video he made for twitter, that’s what he talked about. kinda tryna crack the door open so he might get another chance some day.

blow it means he did not take advantage of an opportunitykinda is a reduction of kind of (more or less). tryna is a reduction of trying to. crack the door open gives the idea of a small chance.

sergio dipp reporting from the broncos sideline
dipp’s one sideline report on monday night football was described as cringeworthy by some media outlets. will he get another chance in english?
  • after comparing dipp’s emotional response to being on monday night football to a toast a friend of mine made at a wedding, the comment at 7:35 is

therein, perhaps, lies the sliver lining for sergio dipp

silver lining is a positive inside of a bad occurence. therein lies means that’s where sergio dipp’s silver lining will be; i.e. similar to my friend who gave the wedding speech, people will forget. like the video says,  we gave my friend a lot of shit  (criticism) for that wedding toast but it didn’t last foreveri would imagine quite a few football fans have already forgotten dipp’s 30 seconds on monday night football.

shakespeare using modern english and referring to himself in the third person.

it’s hilarious to represent shakespeare speaking modern english, and vice-versa.
  • even if they haven’t (if the opposite is true), my feelings about the entire ordeal at 8:00 are

whatever, sergio dipp’s gettin paid. you’re gonna keep gettin paid.

whatever shows indifferenceget paid is a fashionable expression that indicates dipp makes a good salary, and keep means he will continue to get paid.

a plate of fresh broccoli on one hand and a cheeseburger on the other
broccoli is healthy. on the other hand, a cheeseburger is delicious.
  • at 8:15 on the other hand presents a contrasting circumstance: i am not indifferent about americans who cannot speak a second language making fun of dipp, who actually speaks a second language very well. for that reason, the finger at 8:45 is for the dipshit fringe (idiot minority) who gave dipp shit on twitter.  i hope they are a minority.

javier 'chicharito' hernandez & sergio dipp

some gringos prefer not to be reminded that there are mexicans when they are watching (american) football.

the last fucking thing we need is to be reminded that there’s mexicans when we’re watching football.

and at 5:25

it should be mentioned that dipp is kind of a brutal broadcasting name to start with.

it is not necessarily important who is reminding or who is mentioning, so they are common scenarios for passive voice.

sergio dipp demonstrated a sense of humor when he tweeted about covering the patriots/raiders game in mexico city later in the season

did u see sergio dipp’s 30 seconds of english on monday night football? do u have an opinion about his performance or the reaction to it?  do u have any additional questions about vocabulary from the video?  interact under leave a reply




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