chris cornell & soundgarden didn’t want to make the unforgettable black hole sun video

chris cornell was a powerful and evocative singer with an extraordinary vocal range and immense emotion in his voice. his death by suicide earlier this year was a sad and unexpected moment. may he rest in peace.

chris cornell

chris cornell (getty images)

the song that made him an international rock and roll superstar was black hole sun by his band soundgarden.

trippy lady with fish black hole sun


stephanie murray notes this in her article on the washington post website.

the trippy video for “black hole sun”…..turned the band into megastars in the summer of 1994 and brought it its biggest audience ever.

trippy is like a hallucination, crazy. turn into means become. but murray explained that

as it turns out, cornell…… didn’t even want to make a video.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

the headline of the article gives the same idea

Chris Cornell didn’t want to make the video for ‘Black Hole Sun.’ It ended up launching the band to mega-stardom.

turn out means happen. end up means eventually happen, maybe accidentally. launching is in -ing form because up is a preposition.

so cornell was not enthused (enthusiastic) about making this video, but director howard greenhalgh had a wacky (funny, unconventional) idea: distorted faces and surreal images of suburban lifestyle.

a man mows a lawn, a girl jumps rope, a woman applies layer upon layer of bright red lipstick……they’re creepy enough as it is before adding the fact that they seem utterly oblivious to the unsettling events around them, like a cloud of locusts flying around a living room or a barbie doll roasting on a spit above a barbecue. at some point, the black hole sun itself makes an appearance and sucks up the community.

mow lawn means cut the grass with a lawn mower. creepy means scary, freaky. as it is means like that. utterly is completely. oblivious means unaware. unsettling is disturbing, locusts are insects similar to grasshoppers.

a locust

a locust

a spit is a metal rod used for turning meat over a fire. u can see a spit in the video at 2:17. suck up gives the idea of suction action pulling everyone off the earth into the black hole. it starts to happen in the video at 2:30.

sexy guy mowing the lawn

mowing the lawn in flip flops (

murray continues with the description of the video….

the suburban nightmare is intercut with footage of the band casually performing the song in a field. it seemed like a brilliant decision to juxtapose the craziness of the smiley neighbors with the relative apathy of the musicians, but it was apparently merely evidence of how fed up soundgarden was with making videos.

intercut means alternated. footage means video. juxtapose means compare/contrast. apathy means they didn’t care. merely is simply, only. fed up means soundgarden was angry, they had had enough.

soundgarden playing in the black hole sun video

soundgarden looking apathetic in the black hole sun video

as cornell put it

we’re weird enough as it is, and we’re tired of trying to not be.

weird is eccentric, strange.

another weird image from black hole sun

it’s weird, but in addition to not wanting to make a video for black hole sun, cornell and the rest of soundgarden didn’t have much confidence in the song itself.

amazingly, the song, too, was almost an afterthought. cornell wrote it quickly but didn’t think his band mates would be into it. when they were, none of them thought it had potential as a single, but their record label disagreed.

an afterthought is not the principal idea, it’s added later. be into means like, be interested in. a single is an individual song.

chris cornell in the black hole sun video

chris cornell wrote black hole sun quickly and didn’t think the rest of soundgarden would be into it.

are u surprised to hear that chris cornell and soundgarden had serious doubts about the song black hole sun? do u like the video? or is it too trippy? share your views under leave a reply




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