prancer, prancing & prancercise

one of the eight reindeer mentioned in the famous christmas poem a visit from st. nicholas (the night before christmas) and at the beginning of the song rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is prancer.

santa's sleigh and reindeer

one of those eight reindeer is prancer.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

a 1989 movie told the story of an 8-year-old girl finding prancer and helping him return to santa claus.

at :48 in the prancer trailer, jessica, the protagonist of the movie, observes that prancer is

probably used to being around people

this means that prancer is accustomed to it. it’s normal to him.

carol believes that jessica saw a deer, but she doesn’t believe that it flies.

at 1:00 jessica tells her friend carol and her brother steve that nobody in the town can know that prancer is there.  steve reassures her

don’t worry. i wouldn’t want anybody to find out you’re nuts.

find out means discover. nuts is another way to say crazy.

3 kinds of nuts

3 kinds of nuts: do u know the difference? (

at 1:05, jessica’s dad says that a deer might have been eating their little trees, a hypothetical example in the past (third conditional–might + have + past participle). the announcer uses the same structure starting at 1:20 when he says

who could have known how much one deer could do to her home, her town and her family?

at 1:10, jessica says this to prancer

i bet santa doesn’t think you’ll get back in time. i better let him know.

i bet indicates that jessica believes this to be true.  i better let him know is jessica telling herself that it’s important/necessary (better as a modal) for her to notify or inform santa claus (let him know).

prancer movie poster

does the trailer make u want to see the movie?  probably not.  and it doesn’t give any idea what the name prancer means either.

prance is described in this video from the richyrocks youtube channel.

as explained at :08, prance is how a horse walks or trots.

screw the description at :18, means forget about it, the visual of the lady prancercising is more useful for understanding the meaning of prancing. screw is often a softer, nicer substitute for fuck.

at 1:00 break that out means use it or do it in reference to the prancercise explained in the vid.

the prancing elites

the prancing elites are an african-american, gay & non-gender conforming dance squad. (oxygen)

prance can also mean to move around while making extravagant movements. it is a word that has come to be associated with being gay.

in this clip from the weekend update on saturday night live, an american sketch comedy show, kenan thompson portrays santa claus.

at 1:29, in response to whether or not he is angry when people insist that santa claus is white,  santa tells anchor cecily strong

people wanna believe the reality that’s most comfortable to them. they don’t wanna live in a world where santa’s black and one of his reindeer’s gay.

santa then confirms that prancer is the gay reindeer.

kenan thompson as santa claus

and similar to the prancer trailer above, this vid also has an example of be used to at :45

a white guy taking credit for something a black guy did. i’m more used to it than ok with it.

this cartoon shows two of santa’s reindeer gossiping (talking about other people’s personal business) about prancer coming out (openly telling people that he is gay ).

prancer came out

the other reindeer were not surprised when prancer came out

does prancercising look like fun, effective exercise? can reindeer really be gay? do gay reindeer or black santas make u feel uncomfortable?  share your comments under leave a reply


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