jolly is a synonym of happy that is commonly used to describe attitudes at christmas.

this christmas carol from the rudolph the red-nosed reindeer tv special is called holly jolly christmas.

deck the halls is a traditional welsh christmas carol. this version is courtesy of tv host craig ferguson and rapper rza of the wu-tang clan. the second line of the song at :30 is

tis the season to be jolly 

tis is an old school way of saying it is.


santa claus is often described as jolly, like in the christmas carol jolly old saint nicholas.


and frosty the snowman is described as a jolly, happy soul in the first line of this (same name) song.


jolly does have some non-christmas applications, like the skull and bones pirate flag, known as the jolly roger,

  the jolly roger
jolly roger  (wikimedia commons)

a brand of popcorn

microwave popcorn that makes any time jolly (amazon)

and this sweet and sour fruit flavored candy.

jolly candy (

merry christmas, amigos! be jolly, and share any other applications of the word jolly that u know under leave a reply


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