mexico can benefit from trump’s immigration bullshit

many of my students here in mexico, past and present, are IT professionals. so i was happy to see this article on i trust it’s not fake news (lies, not real).

the headline says


a crackdown is more serious attention to enforcing rules.

like trump gives a shit

bess levin, the author of the article, explains that president trump has

unwittingly created a situation wherein major tech companies are now running to mexico to escape a separate set of potentially terrible policies.

unwittingly is accidentally, without realizing. wherein means in which.

this reporter unwittingly drew a penis when describing a project on the streets of her city

levin is referring to an executive order trump signed in april with the intention of protecting american jobs by making it more difficult and more expensive to get visas for foreign employees. this proposition

has spurred some companies, like outsourcing giant infosys, to announce they will hire thousands of americans in the coming years [but] others are prepping to head south.

spur means provoke, encourage. outsourcing is work performed by another company. for instance, infosys performs IT services for other companies.  prep is an abbreviation of prepare. head south means go to mexico.

manu shooting
manu ginobili usually comes off the bench and spurs san antonio to play at a championship level.

one of the companies that is prepping to come to mexico is tech mahindra. sayeth arvind malhotra is the company’s senior vice president. he says

we’ve been having several conversations that we want to ramp up the operations in [latin] america—especially english-speaking operations—because of the current administration.

ramp up means increase.

motorcycle jump off a ramp

a motorcycle jumping off a ramp (shutterstock)

tech mahindra is not alone.

other firms like austin-based itexico recently opened an office in aguascalientes, while software nearshorer arkusnexus has built operations in tijuana; luxoft, a swiss outsourcer, has said its “stretch goal” is to double is presence in mexico.

other (NOT another) is used because firms is plural. nearshorer indicates that arkusnexus operates in a nearby country, specifically mexico in this case. a stretch goal is an extreme goal that pushes the limit of what a company is capable of.

yoga stretches

entrepreneur (investor) andres barreto notes that..

a growing number of latin tech stars are staying put and working remotely, while more v.c.-backed firms in the u.s. are seeking to build teams elsewhere.

stay put means not moving.  v.c. is short for venture capital or money invested in a startup. elsewhere means another place.

the funny squirrel is telling his friends not to move.

barreto shares from his own venture capital experience…

we have six y-combinator companies that have a product for the u.s. market, but their engineering team is all in latin america or they are starting to build teams in latin america.

y-combinator is a prestigious startup incubator, which menas they provide mentoring and other benefits in addition to investment money. they are another tech firm with a growing presence in latin america.

y combinator logo

and aristóteles sandoval, the governor of jalisco (home of mexico’s second largest metropolitan area, guadalajara), toured silicon valley earlier this year to let companies know (inform them) that his state is

loosening immigration rules for new companies setting up shop, [and] ditching an old requirement that companies could only have 10 per cent foreign employees.

loosen means make easier.  setting up shop means establishing a business. ditching is getting rid of, eliminating.

dog victim of ding dong ditch

another application of ditch is the prank ding, dong, ditch-ringing the doorbell and running

what do u think about the political and economic realities of donald trump’s global trade ideas?  do u believe mexico will benefit?  share your views under leave a reply




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