we used a robot. we used a robot.

a few months ago i heard and read about an incident wherein a town had to wait a week for the government to come and remove a truck full of nuclear waste that crashed in a nearby field. it seemed like a can’t miss idea for a youtube video. it’s called we used a robot

first of all, i have talked at some length here on richyrocks.com about the structures used to + simple verb form and be/get used to.  the title of this vid is NOT an application of either one of those but of the verb use (utilize).  it’s also important to remember, in particular if u are a native spanish speaker, when u are talking about the clothes u have (or had) on, the typical verb to use is wear (irregular–wore, worn), NOT use.

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube

footage (on the vid at :12) refers to video. the name comes from the early days of movie making when film was measured in feet (one foot is 12 inches).

hold (irregular–held, held) is a common verb to use in reference to a meeting or event happening, in this case, a press conference.

a dog scooping poop
a dog scooping up his own poop

scoop up (:43) is similar to pick up; take off the ground or out of something.

turn out (1:05) is a phrasal verb with many applications. in this context it’s about a result; similar to end up or wind up. the robot’s effort to recover the radioactive material was a success in the eyes of the nuclear security secretary.

the final question of the press conference (1:10) is

local officials have complained that they were kept in the dark throughout this ordeal.  any response to that?

keep in the dark is an expression that means intentionally not given information and an ordeal is a terrible situation.

a complaint desk operated by penguins    compliant stamp
complaint & compliant 

complain (express a negative feeling) and especially its noun equivalent, complaint are often confused with compliant, the adjective used at :25 in a question for the secretary about whether or not they followed international guidelines, rules or standards to remove the nuclear waste.

are there any other expressions used in the vid that are new to u? what is an acceptable reaction time by a government to remove dangerous substances? post your response under leave a reply




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