yahritza y su esencia: english vocabulary for talking about their controversial comments

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yahritza y su esencia, a sibling trio from the yakima valley, washington, usa that plays regional mexican music, consists of yahritza , mando  and jairo martinez.

yahritza y su esencia--vocabulario en inglés

yahritza y su esencia

they have faced significant controversy in 2023 and their media experience is full of practical vocabulary for talking about the immigrant experience as well as several other scenarios. tomás mier‘s article on rollingstone.com explains

yahritza y su esencia caught flak earlier this year after…yahritza, in between giggles, told an interviewer that she doesn’t like hearing “the cars, the police sirens, and everything” when she wakes up [in mexico city], while [her brothers] jairo and mando said they weren’t so fond of mexican food. many fans in mexico expressed their discontent with the teenagers’ answers, claiming that the artists…were not well-connected with their roots, and felt that they were betraying their culture and their fans in mexico

catch flak means they were criticized. wake up, one of the most necessary phrasal verbs and possibly the first phrasal verb u ever learned, means return to consciousness after sleep. fond of means like. ernie of sesame street fame uses it famously in this song about his rubber ducky. listen for this lyric three times in the song including the final line…

rubber ducky i’m awfully fond of u

awfully means very.

claim means express an opinion that is not accepted as fact by everyone. roots means cultural origins. betray means be disloyal. giggles are little laughs. check out this example…

kevin from the office giggling about the prospect of roasting his boss michael (from s 05 episode 14)

an article on la times.com by kristina garcia shares that

the trio grew up surrounded by mexican music, watching their father play in a family band with their two uncles

grew  is the irregular past tense of grow. the phrasal verb grow up refers to the transition from child to adult. rapper danny brown uses it similarly on his track grown up. listen closely in the chorus for

who ever thought i’d be the greatest growing up?

grown up means adult. the greatest is a superlative that means nobody/nothing is equal. ever means at any time.

surrounded means all around them. u can hear it clearly at the beginning of the second verse of pearl jam‘s classic breakup song black. listen at 2:00 for

i take a walk outside, i’m surrounded by some kids at play

garcia’s article quotes yahritza, the 16-year-old vocalist of yahritza y su esencia, talking about how her mexican dad  inspired her…

when i was younger i would see my dad singing and i wanted to be like him.

would can be used to indicate past tense, similar to used to + simple form of verb.

selena gomez uses would this way twice in her hit lose u to love me that fans speculate might be about justin bieber. listen at :50 and again at 1:45 for

we’d always go into it blindly

go into means enter. it gives the idea of an on and off (occasional) relationship that lasted for years.

in another la times article, suzy exposito describes the mexican community in the yakima valley as tightknit (united) but mando, the guitar player and eldest (oldest) sibling in yahritza y su esencia recounts taunting (insults) and exclusion from americans and fellow mexicans too…

so many kids get bullied just for not being able to speak spanish right — or they get bullied for being too mexican in the u.s. even artists get that type of energy. u don’t know where u belong.

get bullied is passive voice. it is referring to the receivers of the bullying, not the bullies. too means excessively. even emphasizes the surprise that artists are treated the same way. belong means be part of a group.

 mexican film director alejandro gonzález iñárritu knows what mando is talking about
exposito observes that this brutal dilemma for spanish-speaking immigrants in the u.s. stands in contrast to other developing cultural trends (tendencies)…

the staunch nationalism exhibited in both the u.s. and latin america is growing out of step with increasing migration and the resulting cultural hybridism.

staunch means devoted, firm. out of step means different, disconnected. hybridism is the mix of cultures.

peso pluma and natanael cano--vocabulario en inglés

peso pluma & natanael cano

exposito reinforces this point by pointing out (highlighting) that there are mexican artists performing music in spanish who are popular in the u.s. and the same is true for english-speaking artists in mexico…

mexican-born stars, like natanael cano and peso pluma…have perform[ed] for massive crowds throughout the states…largely thanks to immigrants and their children who are eager to stay connected to mexico from afar. meanwhile, anglophone acts like coldplay, my chemical romance and most recently taylor swift have all sold out tours in mexico within hours, even minutes in some cases.

throughout means everywhere. the states is an abbreviated form of united states. eager means excited. from afar means from a great distance. meanwhile is an adverb that means at the same time.  an anglophone speaks english. sell out means sell all available tickets. it is used in the present perfect here (auxiliary have + past participle). sold is the irregular past participle of sellwithin means inside that period of time.

taylor swift fans in mexico city--vocabulario en inglés

taylor swift fans in mexico city (alejandro aguilar/sol de méxico)

born and mexican-born (born in mexico) are adjectives. born alone is NOT a verb. be born is the verb. the title of kygo and imagine dragons popular song born to be yours is a reduction of i was born to be yours which appears in the chorus…

i know when it rains, oh, it poursand I know i was born to be yours

when it rains it pours is an idiom that means one bad thing often causes a series of bad moments to occur.

imagine dragons is, btw, yet another english-speaking act that is popular in mexico. they have played in mexico city, guadalajara and monterrey this year.

the weeknd poster for concert in foro sol--vocabulario en inglés depeche mode poster for foro sol concert--vocabulario en inglés

the weeknd and depeche mode, two more anglophone acts, both played in mexico city this week 🙀

amid (in the middle of) all the controversy, yahritza y su esencia seem to be secure about how they define themselves. tomás mier’s rolling stone article comments that via social media the group…

doubled down on their commitment to representing their roots in their music, saying that their greatest pride is the mexican blood in their veins

double down means they are taking a more intense position. a commitment is a serious promise. compromiso in spanish is NOT compromise in english– it’s commitment 😼 representing is in the -ing form because to is a preposition and any verb that comes directly after a preposition should be in the -ing form.

grown with mexican roots

a slogan for people who grow up in the u.s. but have roots in mexico

the oo in roots is pronounced like new, true, zoom and google. however, the oo in blood is pronounced with the shwuh sound so that it sounds like mud or stud. pride means yahritza y su esencia feel a sense of belonging and satisfaction from being mexican.

yahritza singing in a yankees cap--vocabulario en inglés--double down

was yahritza doubling down on her identity when she wore a yankees cap while performing in the zocalo on noche mexicana?

the tiktok at the top of the post contains definitions of the following words/phrases:  as long as, flub, wherever, whenever, quite, kinda, have got structure, pissed, unenthused, underwhelmed, taqueria (mexican spanish), realize, tiendita (spanish), chesco (mexican spanish), blown away, felt, even, caguama (mexican spanish), envase (spanish), fucking (adj), fire (adj). considering the subject matter, the spanglish is necessary 😸

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