worth it: 9 worthwhile songs, for what it’s worth

worth it is an expression that means the result of an action is sufficiently beneficial to justify the effort. it is usually used with the verb to be.

fifth harmony worth it
fifth harmony: are they worth it? they say yes

for example, in their 2015 hit  worth it, fifth harmony twice urges

gimme, gimme i’m worth it

gimme is a reduction of give me and frequently indicates a greedy (avaricious) attitude. it might mean that the girls of fifth harmony have selfish (only think of themselves) attitudes, but whatever investment of time or money is necessary to romance them is justified, worth it.


bieber in all white around the world
bieber in all white in all around the world 

justin biebers hit all around the world contains a rap by ludacris with the line

in life we pay for change
let’s make every second worth it


timbaland‘s song time features a chorus by she wants revenge with this common usage that is also a nice example of hypothetical speech  (2nd conditional–if + past tense + would, could, might or may)

i’d pay attention if I thought it was worth the time

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one of depeche mode‘s biggest hits, the dark love song strangelove uses this combination twice

i’ll make it all worthwhile
i’ll make your heart smile

worthwhile expresses the same idea as worth the time and is often used with the verb make.  like in coke escovedo‘s track i wouldn’t change a thing which has an example of 2nd conditional too.  in the chorus, the lyrics say

i wouldn’t change a thing
if i had to live my life all over

and the second verse talks about the struggles in a relationship being worthwhile

i’ll take my ups and downs
and bear it with a smile
cause it brought me straight to you babe
and it makes it all worthwhile

ups and downs represent good times and bad times. bear means support, tolerate. straight means directly.

it’s gonna be alright by the ramones, twice honors their fans with the line

u make it all worthwhile

and the chorus of the drive by truckers cut this fuckin job says this in the chorus

it’s the livin’ and learnin’
it makes the difference
it makes it all worthwhile

the concept of worthwhile can be personalized with a personal pronoun. the second line of the first verse of the beastie boys favorite intergalactic says…

u stick around i’ll make it worth your while

and listen again to the fifth harmony song above to hear this lyric twice

show me what you got, now, come and make it worth my while

finally, the expression for what it’s worth is the title of a classic from the hippie era by buffalo springfield.  the title doesn’t  appear in the lyrics, but the expression is used to offer information or assistance that may be valuable and gives a humble vibe to this anthem against authoratative repression.

are all of these songs worth listening to? which ones are the most worthwhile?  share your opinion under leave a reply


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