what were u led to believe led to this?

the phrasal verb lead to (irregular past tense led to)comes up in classes all the time as a good way to refer to a chain of events or a cause and effect relationship. 

christopher columbus looking at america
columbus was looking for india

for example,

christopher columbus’ search for commercial routes to india eventually led to the european colonization of america.

is the irregular past tense of lead. famous 80s pop-rock tracks contain similar examples

the heat of the moment by asia says at :40

, we were young

and the fixx utilizes the same expression in the song title one thing leads to another

and jedi master yoda uses it three times in this scene from the phantom menace

leads to can also be used to say arrives or takes me as in the opening line to the beatles‘ the long and winding road

the long and winding road that leads to your door,
will never disappear, i’ve seen that road before,
it always leads me here, lead me to your door

and the expression means indirectly informed or manipulated.

u.s. secretary of state colin powell’s feb 2003 speech led the un security council to believe that iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction.


in 2003, the world was led to believe (by the bush administration) that iraqi president saddam hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction. the united states used this as a justification to invade iraq.


can u give an example of an action or event that led to something else? or a time when u were led to believe something that wasn’t actually true? post under leave a reply


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