toluca lyric 10: heat of the moment–asia’s popular, kickass 80s banger

heat of the moment, a  huge 80s rock hit by the band asia is the subject of toluca lyric 10–the most recent of my videos to help u expand your english vocabulary through song lyrics.

here is some additional information to enhance what appears in toluca lyric 10…

  • the lyric that would  wipe the smile right from my face means it made the singer upset. a variation is often used to tell someone to stop smiling 👉🏼wipe that smile off your face. there is a perfect visual example of wiping a smile off a face at :36 in the classic heat of the moment video. it also gives a good idea of what wipe means by itself independent of these idioms…

  • another striking (attracts attention) image in the heat of the moment video happens around :30 when u can see all the members of asia decked out (dressed extravagantly) in white matching (coordinated, same color) pants.
woman wearing slacks--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment toluca lyric 10
she’s wearing slacks (

the imagined conversation at 1:43 in toluca lyric 10 contains the question u got white pants? this is a reduction of the question have u got white pants? (have got structure) and means the same as do u have white pants? 

man wearing cargo trousers--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment

he’s wearing cargo trousers (

slacks are pants that are more formal than jeanscargo trousers generally have several pockets and a loose fit but tight leg openings. it should be mentioned that what we call pants in mexico are NOT actually pants in english. “mexican pants” are a sweatsuit or sweats.

woman wearing a sweatsuit--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment

she’s wearing sweats or a sweatsuit–NOT pants (

the phrase that’ll do, used at 1:48 in reference to the cargo trousers means satisfactory, good enough. it’s used famously by shrek in the first shrek movie to congratulate donkey for crossing a footbridge that looks dangerously unstable.

the conclusion of the imagined conversation between the members of asia is “let’s all wear white pants to the video shoot.”  it’s a very common spanglish error to use the verb use in reference to clothes instead of wear. don’t do it 😎

  • as mentioned in toluca lyric 10, the lyric incidents arose from circumstance could be interpreted as sexual innuendo with the verb arise referring to the action of getting an erection/bonergot a boner in the past tense 🙊 but in the phrases got the white slacks, got the boner, got once again is a reduction of have got and means have.

meme of an owl that looks like a marching soldier the text reads arise go forth and conquer--vocabulario en inglés--toluca lyric heat of the moment

this motivational phrase is another application of arise 
  • songwriter/vocalist john wetton wrote heat of the moment as an apology.  as mentioned in toluca lyric 10,  the mean words in the last verse in particular make me wonder about the sincerity of any apologizing that might happen in the rest of the lyrics. was wetton caught up in the heat of the moment again?

asia singer john wetton from the heat of the moment video--vocabulario en inglés

wetton admits he acted badly in the heat of the moment, but where is the apology?

while it may not be obvious where the apology is in the lyrics, it is nevertheless an excellent opportunity to contrast the noun apology and the verb apologize. it’s extremely common for students to confuse the verb apologize (uh-PAH-luh-jyze) with the plural of the noun, apologies (uh-PAH-luh-jeez).

u can hear apologize in the first sung lyric of this k-ci & jojo hit at :30

baby i apologize, for all the things that i’ve done (that i’ve done)

the title of this song by jojo (not the same jojo as k-ci & jojo 🧐) with wiz khalifa is not interested in an apology at all. additionally, she uses 2nd conditional i.e. a hypthetical comment in the chorus when she says

i would say i’m sorry if i really meant it
fuck apologies

  • at 6:05 in toluca lyric 10 the imagined dialogue about how asia decided on their name mentions great grandad, another way to say great grandpa or great grandfather–your grandpa’s dad/dad’s grandpa. it is used in this context as a metaphor to represent previous generations in british history that had colonies and committed terrible human rights offenses in asia. in the same fictional account, the verb fit is used. it means the name asia was correct, apt. as indicated in the video, nobody in the band really said any of this.

this tiktok jokes about the impatience (and possibly the violence) of a great grandad


@wifi_passw0rd #fyp #miketyson #grandad ♬ original sound – MistaMemes

the vocabulary and concepts that are denoted by graphics in toluca lyric 10 include:

apolgy, apologizing/apologize, realize, screw up, meant (v), and yet, pretty, gotta, per se , palpable, fall from grace, wipe the smile from my face, kill a vibe, used to plus verb in simple form, arise, arose, boner, one thing leads to another, superlatives (the coolest, most easily perceived), overriding, lead to, kickass, past modals (should’ve been), open to interpretation, millennialother vs another, might, in the mood, hot spot, hold, charm, comparatives (bigger), pearl of wisdom, cryptic, looks, beside, mic drop, ain’t, foolishly, mean (adj), shed light on, deal with. speaking of, dude and at all.

jurassic world meme of chris pratt training dinosarus the text says when i have to deal with my emotions--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment

there are a lot of vocabulary word definitions and english concepts in toluca lyric 10 that don’t appear in a graphic in the video, but u can see them in the subtitles and they have appeared previously on

they include:  too, damn, come upwould to talk about the future from the past (one thing i said i would never do), still, actually, would to indicate past tense (we would scream together songs unsung), 2nd conditional (if this couple had a kid, the kid would be a millennial), get + adjective (got mama and papa in the mood), mood, wisdom, wise, awesome, double negatives (ain’t hot no more), fucking (adj), fuck expressions (fucking, smash the fuck out of), alive (pronunciation) and  as well as .

banger in the title of this post means a song that is loud and full of energy.

the heat of the moment single cover--vocabulario en inglés

is heat of the moment a banger in your opinion?

do u have a question about any of the vocabulary in heat of the moment or toluca lyric 10?  a suggestion for toluca lyric 11? post under leave a reply


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