toluca lyric 10: fun, fascinating facts about asia & heat of the moment

the lyrics to asia‘s 80s banger heat of the moment are full of useful english vocabulary that was analyzed in this video…

besides (in addition to) the english in the lyrics, the story behind asia and  heat of the moment is  full of vocabulary u can apply to your own personal experiences as well.

a young woman visibly bored with a young man's conversation--vocabulario en inglés--asia

charm appears in the lyrics to heat of the moment too 🙀

rolling stone magazine wasn’t convinced by the name asia when heat of the moment came out (was released) in 1982.  a review by david fricke admitted that it’s…

hard to argue with the insistent singalong charm of top forty muscle like “heat of the moment.” [but] the disturbing thing about asia is the sound of talented players rolling over and playing dead for the sake of airplay. their exotic name is really just a flimsy disguise for one more american-radio dream.

charm is the power to make people happy. singalong means when people hear the song heat of the moment they want to sing it with asia. top forty refers to commercial music. and is a list of the most popular songs at the moment as wellmuscle is pronounced MUSS-ull. DON’T pronounce the c. it refers to the heavier rock elements of asia’s sound, principally the guitar. a lot of the commercial music at the beginning of the 80s was based on synthesizers.

american top 40 with ryan seacrest--vocabulario en inglés    cover for compilation album 2982 rock top 40 chartbusters--vocabulario en inglés

top 40 is an actual list of forty popular songs published weekly and can also be used as an adjective to describe the most commercial popular music

disturbing means worrisome, upsetting. rolling over and playing dead means submitting without resistance, giving up. sake means for that reason, in order to get. airplay refers to asia’s songs being played by radio stations (essential for popularity in the 80s). flimsy means weak.

a flimsy bridge--vocabulario en inglés

would u cross that river on that flimsy bridge?  (
  • billboard magazine, home of the most recognized top forty in 1982,  said this about asia in their top 40  picks in the  april 17, 1982 issue…

this superstar quartet aims its soaring harmonies and tight arrangement at pop and beyond

aim means that was the objective, their goal. soaring means inspirational, transcendental. tight means precise, well-synchronized. beyond means past pop.

a soaring dragon--vocabulario en inglés

dragons with wings can soar

asia was indeed a supergroup with all four members coming from well-known progressive rock bands of the 1970s.  lead singer/bassist john wetton was part of king crimson.  drummer carl palmer was the palmer in emerson, lake & palmer, guitarist steve howe and keyboardist geoff downes were both in yes and downes was also in the band the buggles. it’s possible younger music enthusiasts (fans) don’t recognize any of those bands. but u might know them without really knowing them.

the buggles (considered more 80s new wave than prog rock) have the most identifiable song by any of these groups…

owner of a lonely heart was the most commercially successful yes song. incidentally, it was a hit while steve howe and geoff downes were busy with asia and not playing with yes. beavis and butthead didn’t like the track or its video…

in contrast, homer seems to really enjoy the synthesizer outro of emerson, lake and palmer’s biggest hit, lucky man

u might find these high-profile (well-known, noticed) examples of the heat of the moment in pop culture fun and fascinating too. they give an idea of how recognizable asia’s 80s banger is, at least for the children of that decade.

cover of guitar hero encore rocks the 80s--vocabulario en inglés asia heat of the moment

heat of the moment appears on this version of guitar hero

in s5 ep 13 of south park, cartman tries to convince the u.s. congress to approve stem cell research to help save kenny, who is hospitalized.  cartman starts to sing heat of the moment and it turns into (becomes) a singalong.

and an asia poster of the album cover that is mentioned at 4:00 in toluca lyric 10  is an important part of this famous scene from the beloved movie the 40-year old virgin

what are your feelings about asia’s the heat of the moment? does it have singalong charm? share your thoughts under leave a reply

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