peyton manning & omaha at the super bowl

the denver broncos are playing the carolina panthers in super bowl 50 tomorrow. one detail the media has focused on is bronco quarterback peyton manning‘s use of the word omaha. manning often includes the nebraska city as part of his snap count (the words or instructions a quarterback shouts before the ball is put into play).

peyton pointing to his most famous snap count
peyton pointing at his most famous snap count.

this video from the richyrocks youtube channel was actually inspired by the omaha euphoria that surrounded super bowl xlviii two years ago. the city of omaha saw peyton’s cadence (another name for snap count) as an opportunity to promote local business.

the video starts with omaha mayor jean stothert saying

we look forward to hearing omaha during the super bowl.

look forward to indicates a pending activity they are excited about.

omaha skyline

omaha! (visit nebraska)

david g. brown, the ceo of the omaha chamber of commerce (organization formed for the promotion of local business) encourages peyton to

say it [omaha] to your heart’s content

to your heart’s content means as much as u want, until you’re happy.

omaha steaks
omaha is famous for this brand of beef.

matt hames, the social media manager for omaha steaks echoes brown’s sentiments

everybody in omaha is just like, “keep doing it, peyton.”

like here is used to introduce dialogue, similar to say.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

clearly, all of these omaha representatives are happy with the free publicity peyton has given them.

greater omaha chamber says, "thank u, peyton."
thank u, peyton.

but when peyton starts directly mentioning specific omaha organizations, he realizes he has crossed a line (broken a rule, gone too far) and admits that the omaha boosters (supporters) are in his head (affecting his decision-making).

buffet & gates with blizzards
bill gates & warren buffett (right) enjoying blizzards, dairy queen’s most popular product [afp]

one famous omaha businessman who doesn’t speak in the video but appears at :10 (right before david g. brown) is warren buffett. according to forbes, buffett is the 3rd richest person in the world.  his company, berkshire hathaway, owns dairy queen. u can hear this brand name in one of manning’s snap counts at :47.

manning also mentions the omaha symphony, omaha jewelers and omaha/council bluffs plumbers. council bluffs, iowa is part of the omaha metropolitain area.

in the vid, peyton repped plumbers from omaha/council bluffs.

unfortunately for omaha, super bowl xlviii was a complete disaster from start to finish for peyton manning and the denver broncos. nobody cared how many times he said omaha during a very boring game. the broncos lost to the seattle seahawks 43-8.

peyton afc championship
can peyton boost omaha’s local economy & win super bowl 50? (ap/charlie riedel)

but manning still shouts a bunch of omahas every game, and two years later, he is back in the super bowl.  will super bowl 50 go better for omaha, the denver broncos and their quarterback? share your comments under leave a reply


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