super bowl lvii clickbait: nick sirianni got canned by andy reid back in the day

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most nfl fans remember the success that kansas city chiefs head coach andy reid had at the beginning of the century when he was head coach of the philadelphia eagles.

andy reid and terrell owens of the philadelphia eagles--vocabulario en inglés---sirianni   nick sirianni and matt cassel of the kansas city chiefs--vocabulario en inglés

reid coaching the eagles and sirianni coaching the chiefs (elsa/getty)

far fewer fans could tell u that philadelphia eagles head coach nick sirianni worked for the kansas city chiefs as well 🙀 and in an even crazier twist (surprise) though it is kinda clickbait (sensational so that u click ),  it’s also basically true that sirianni got fired by reid.

a representation of click bait with a baited fish hook and several fingers waiting to click on it--vocabulario en inglés

gulp! brand bait (worms)---vocaublario en inglés     a fish caught on a baited hook--vocabulario en inglés

the concept of click bait is based on the idea of real bait (

in an article on, joe rivera explains that

sirianni worked his way up from offensive quality control coach in 2009, making it to wide receivers coach in 2012.

work up to is a phrasal verb that means reach a level i.e. going from offensive quality control coach to wide receivers coach was a promotion.  make it means have success. it appears twice, iconically, in the lyrics of one of frank sinatra‘s signature songs. listen at 1:35 and again at 3:05


despite sirianni’s upward (moving up) trajectory with the chiefs, after a 2-14 season in 2012, the chiefs fired head coach romeo crennel and hired andy reid.  when this happens in the nfl the new head coach usually changes the entire coaching staff and brings in his own people. for this reason, as rivera writes…

andy reid showed nick sirianni the door

show someone the door is an idiom that means fire, dismiss. another idiom the article uses to describe the same situation is get canned.

 a woman being fired. her boss is literally showing her the door--vocabulario en inglés

showing her the door, literally and figuratively


sirianni recalls the process…

he was awesome. it was actually an awesome conversation i had with him. and i really respected the fact that he took time to meet with me…i really admired that he pulled me into the office and…told me face-to-face he had a different guy, but he had heard good things about me. i appreciated that, his honesty, his ability to get to me as soon as he possibly could so i could move on and find another job. i didn’t get a chance to pick his brain and all, but i got a ton of respect for coach reid.

pull into isn’t literal. it means reid brought sirianni into his office to talk to him. had heard is past perfect (auxiliary verb  had + the irregular past participle heard in this case). it indicates that sometime before thier meeting, reid heard good things. awesome means great, amazing. it’s in the title of this memorable song from the lego movie…

get to means deal with, process. move on in this context means leave and start looking for a new job. and all is like etcetera. pick his brain means ask an expert questions or for advice. a ton means a lot. i got is a reduction of the have got structure (the “v” sound in i’ve got is not pronounced). it means have; it is NOT the past tense of get when it’s used this way.  the structure is easy to identify in this sped-up, shortened, spectacular version of the james brown classic. listen at :56  and 1:28 for i got u .


an article by josh alper on portrays the conversation basically the same way, but with some added incentive for sirianni…

reid “was complimentary” when informing him that he was being let go and that reid “gave me strength when I was down,” but he admitted that the memory of getting the pink slip is still something that he uses as motivation.

let go is another way to say fired. passive voice is commonly used when people are fired and was being let go (which is more specifically past continuous passive voice)is a great example. the focus is on the person receiving the action (sirianni) not the person/organization performing the action (reid/the chiefs). strength is the noun equivalent of the adjective strong. it can be a little difficult to pronounce. it’s common in a job interview to be asked about strengths and weaknesses. u can hear the pronunciation of strength/strengths three times in this short…

pink slip is yet another idiom that represents getting fireddown is talking about sirianni’s emotions. he was sad.  the beatles express the same feeling in the chorus of their well-known track help, even though it is a rather upbeat (happy) example of feeling down


sirianni elaborates…

do u always have this little chip on your shoulder? sure, yeah, u do. but that’s who i am as a coach and as a person — i want to make sure i’m working my butt off to get as good as i possibly can. and sure, u hold on to some of those things.

make sure means check, verify. work my butt off means work very hardas good as is another example of as adverb as used as a superlative. it’s equivalent to the best. hold on is the opposite of let go. it means keep; sirianni didn’t completely stop thinking about being fired by the chiefs. a chip on your shoulder is a grudge, resentment.  the title character in the movie jerry maguire (tom cruise), a sports agent,  uses the idiom  to congratulate his client rod tidwell (cuba gooding jr) for impressing the sponsors they were talking to…


alper recognizes that the chip on sirianni’s shoulder has been effective in pushing him to succeed…

whatever sirianni has used to light a fire for himself has paid off. he rose back up the ladder with the chargers and the colts before being hired by the eagles in 2021 and he’s made it to the super bowl in his second season.

whatever means regardless, it doesn’t matterlight a fire is a metaphor for motivation. pay off means it works. rose is the irregular past tense of rise. rise back up means sirianni ascended professionally with the chargers and the colts like he did with the chiefs. before being hired is passive voice again, being is in the -ing form because it appears immediately after the preposition for.


andy reid head coach of the kansas city chiefs--vocabulario en inglés    nick sirianni head coach of the philadelphia eagles--vocabulario en inglés

is it fate that these two coaches meet in super bowl lvii?

and finally, rivera points out that while the two coaches are cool with each other, revenge would nevertheless be sweet for sirianni…

fate would lead them back together to super bowl 57, and through it all, there are no hard feelings between both sides — but u can bet it’ll feel a bit sweet if sirianni gets a one-up on a guy who gave him his walking papers.

fate is a metaphysical force that is believed to control everything that happens. through it all gives the idea that there have been difficulties/struggles. no hard feelings means that neither coach is angry or resentful. it’ll is the contraction for it will.  u can find it’ll in the title of this recent shawn mendes hit and it appears a few times in this line of the chorus…

i will love u either way, it’ll be okay

either way means there are two options: staying  or leaving; and it doesn’t make any difference which one is selected.


a bit is a littleone-up means sirianni will have an advantage or bragging rights over reid if he beats him in the super bowl.  (u can) bet shows that alper is sure of itgave him his walking papers is one final idiom for being fired. lead back means guide to an original point. it’s easily recognizable in maroon 5‘s popular 2000s song sunday morning. listen at 1:02 for

but things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do (life is hard)
and i would gladly hit the road, get up and go if i knew
that someday, it would lead me back to u
that someday, it would lead me back to u

(it’s an example of 2nd conditional too 🤓)

[the vocabulary from the tiktok at the top of the post includes: the superlative the hottest, the phrasal verb lead up tounprecedented, big deal, be used to, worthy, special and how it translates to spanish, however, jeepers, bust balls, come across, asshole and ain’t ]

have u ever had the opportunity to get one-up on someone who canned u?  how did it feel? share your experience under leave a reply


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