nick foles defies odds, says a bunch of cool shit

5 nfl teams selected quarterbacks in the first round of the nfl draft last week hoping to find a leader who can guide them to a super bowl victory sometime soon.  not the philadelphia eagles, though. they are in the unique (uncommon) position of having two proven winners at the quarterback position: the # 2 pick in the 2016 draft, starter (starts the game) carson wentz and backup (plays if the starter can’t)/super bowl mvp nick foles.

eagles quarterbacks carson wentz (left) and nick foles

foles has had an up and down journey (trip, experience)to the top. a usa today article by dan wolken had this headline after the eagles won super bowl xlii

Nick Foles defies doubters, odds by delivering Eagles first Super Bowl title

defy means foles did the opposite of what was expected. odds are probabilities. it is NOT the plural of odd (strange).

nick roles celebrates winning super bowl lii with his daughter

nick foles celebrates winning super bowl lii with his daughter. (frank franklin II / associated press)

wolken lists some of foles’ successes in the nfl and observes…

to be fair, [he] has not exactly been some scrub

fair means legitimate, true. scrub is a bad player, a loser and the type of guy the ladies of tlc sing about NOT wanting in this popular song:

however, wolken also recognizes

it’s fair to say foles himself could barely have imagined what it would be like, not just to be a super bowl champion but also the game’s most valuable player at age 29, a couple years removed from nearly giving up pro football…. but the path of greatness doesn’t always follow a straight or predictable line. and on a night that demanded he match tom brady throw for throw, foles undoubtedly played the game of his life.

barely is almost not. could barely have imagined is a hypothetical idea in the past, aka 3rd conditional. a couple years removed, means a couple years ago. the complete idea is that a couple years ago, foles probably didn’t consider the possibility of being super bowl mvp. this is because he considered the possibility of giving up (quitting) pro football after facing failure as a starter in the league. demand means require. undoubtedly means definitely, absolutely.

english practice meme:claims to be 6'2+, actually  5'10--barely

this meme is a great example of barelyclaim, actually and how to measure height in feet. do u  get it?
in another usa today article, foles recognized the role that failure played in his success

i think the big thing is don’t be afraid to fail. in our society today, with instagram and twitter, it’s a highlight. it’s all the good things. when u look at it, u have a bad day, u think your life isn’t as good, you’re failing. failure is a part of life. it’s a part of building character and growing. without failure, who would u be? i wouldn’t be up here if i hadn’t fallen thousands of times, made mistakes. we all are human. we all have weaknesses….we might be in the nfl and we might have just won the super bowl, but we all have daily struggles.

a highlight is a special moment. foles uses grow to refer to emotional development i wouldn’t be up here if i hadn’t fallen thousands of times is 2nd conditional, a hypothetical situation. weakness is the noun equivalent of weak,the adjective. weakness is the opposite of strengthmight have just won is another example of 3rd conditional. a struggle is a problem, difficulty
image of strengths and weaknesses
it’s common to be asked about your strengths & weaknesses in a job interview. (

because foles is the eagles’ backup quarterback, there has been speculation about his future with the team. reported that he received a $2 million dollar raise for next season and that

he wasn’t worried about trade rumors as it’s not worth worrying about something he can’t control.

and foles said

do I want to lead a team again? absolutely, but am I trying to run away and do that right now? well if it presents itself and that works out, then fine, i’ll live in that moment. but at the same time, i’m so grateful to be a part of this organization.

as in this context is because. not worth worrying about means that worrying is not productive. run away means escape. work out is happen. grateful means thankful.

eagles quarterback nick foles and head coach doug pederson celebrate winning super bowl lii

the odds are against a backup quarterback leading his team to a win at the super bowl, but it worked out for foles and eagles head coach doug pederson (right).  [ap photo/matt slocum]

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