lopez obrador’s degrading trip to the white house

mexican president andrés lopez obrador visited u.s.president donald trump at the white house earlier this summer. does anyone even remember now? if u are having trouble coming up with (remembering) any memory of the moment, no worries. mexican journalist león krauze chronicled (described) the meeting

mexican president andrés manuel lópez obrador visited president trump as part of his first official international trip, but the day’s agenda in washington offered no clues as to what made the trip really necessary in the first place, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

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in the phrase as part of, as means in that capacity or role. in the phrase as to, as means regarding, in that respect, trip (NOT travel) should be used as the noun for an excursion or visit. in the first place means as the first consideration.


lopez obrador and trump (ap photo/evan vucci)

during the meeting, president lopez obrador spoke a few words about mexico/u.s. relations that did not reflect the present reality. krauze explains…

in his remarks, lópez obrador thanked trump for his kindness toward mexico — a truly bizarre statement directed at one of the most xenophobic presidents of modern times.

remarks are comments. kindness is an example of adding the suffix -ness to an adjective (kind) to create a noun. the pronunciation of toward is a little strange (the a is the shwuh sound); it means directed at. xenophobic means prejudiced against people from other countries.


amlo thanked trump for his kindness, despite trump’s xenophobic rhetoric toward mexico. (anna moneymaker/getty images)

lopez obrador’s subservient (passive, submissive) position is particularly frustrating considering how he talked about trump when he was campaigning to be president in 2018…

as a candidate, lópez obrador had harsh words for trump…[he] denounced trump’s border wall as “a monument to hypocrisy and cruelty,” and compared the administration’s anti-mexican rhetoric to nazi germany. “we cannot consent to a state policy that undermines the dignity of the legitimate interests of mexicans and the nation.” …he showed none of that bluster at the white house. given an opportunity to personally call out trump’s policies, he chose praise.

in this example, as means (as it does above) in that capacity. harsh is strong, critical. rhetoric is a speaking style. undermine means destroy. bluster is aggressive speech. call out means criticize. praise is positive feedback.


amlo praised trump, rather than calling out his bluster and harsh rhetoric about mexico

additionally, during his campaign…

[lopez obrador] promised a bilateral bond based on mutual respect with the united states


as trump’s first term comes to a close, mexico’s president has garnered the opposite: a lopsided relationship based on american whims and demands and mexican compliance and degrading gratitude. lópez obrador leaves washington empty-handed, having praised the most actively anti-mexican u.s. president in recent memory.

a bond is a connection. as in this context is at the same time. garner is receive, accumulate. a whim is a sudden unusual idea, an impulse. compliance means mexico does what the u.s. says they should do. degrading means humiliating. the idiom empty-handed means with nothing. lopsided is unfair. disproportionate. it can be used to describe physical objects that are expected to be the same size but are not, as it is in this funny video…

krause also emphasizes president trump’s insincere attitude toward mexico…

despite myriad promises…. [trump’s administration] has done little to crack down on gun trafficking and even less to close the loopholes that allow weapons of war to be legally purchased in the united states and then smuggled into mexico. in the meantime, trump continues to flaunt the border wall while his administration’s draconian immigration polices endure.

myriad means a lot of promises. despite means those promises didn’t matter. crack down means get stricter. trafficking means selling illegal merchandise usually guns or drugs, sometimes animals or even people. even is for emphasis. loopholes are ambiguities that allow a law to be exploited. smuggle means illegally move. in the meantime means at the same time. flaunt means brag about. draconian means excessively harsh. endure means continue.

this english practice extra video uses the following vocabulary to talk about the significance of amlo’s white house visit: such, strike a pose, stick to, unwritten, pretend, wealthy, come correct, claim, in time, as adjective as comparatives, and predecessor.

these vocabulary words that have been analyzed previously on richyrocks.com are also used in the video: apology, folks, though.

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