hunger games: cool vocab from mockingjay 2

hunger games: mockingjay part 2, the franchise finale, opened over the weekend.

jennifer lawrence as katniss aberdeen

SPOILER ALERT.  i don’t want to spoil your complete enjoyment of the plot (story). i am going to talk about something that happens near the end of the movie, so if u haven’t seen it yet, STOP READING NOW!

no spoilers, old chum.

the final battle of the rebellion is a ruthless (cruel) attack on capitol citizens looking for refuge (protection, shelter) at president snow’s mansion. president snow is played by donald sutherland..

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in the aftermath, the remaining survivors listen to their leader, alma coin (julianne moore), lay out (present) her plans for the future of panem. she declares herself the interim (temporary) president, and to curb (reduce, limit) the people’s thirst for blood and vengeance, she suggests they hold a symbolic hunger games with the objective of killing their enemies.

peeta mellark hunger games
peeta can’t believe president coin wants to hold a hunger games to get rid of enemies

peeta mellark (josh hutcherson) asks coin if she’s joking. she replies

not in the slightest

this means not even a little.

ironically, jennifer lawrence , the mockingjay herself, used a variation of this phrase (ever so slightly) in a well-publicized essay that she wrote last month about being paid less than her co-stars in the movie american hustle.

president hunger games
president snow: who gets to kill this ruthless bastard? (entertainment weekly)

as the survivors share their opinion about coin’s new hunger games idea, a resolute (determined) katniss everdeen tells the others

 i get to kill snow

get to in this context indicates that she is taking that job for herself, and that she will enjoy it.

katniss everdeen, aka the mockingjay. she doesn’t like president snow in the slightest.

did u get to see hunger games: mockingjay part 2 on its opening weekend? what did u think of the final chapter? share your opinion under leave a reply


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