political scandals: weiner sexting, hillary emails & more

hype about hillary clinton‘s emails has dominated the final week of the u.s. presidential campaign and has brought anthony weiner‘s name back into the news.  weiner’s wife, huma abedin, is hillary’s top aide, and emails related to clinton’s time as secretary of state were found on weiner’s laptop.

why is that important to anyone?

in 2011, anthony weiner, a democratic congressman representing new york, was forced to resign over his involvement in a sexting scandal. sexting is sexy digtial communication (sex + texting=sexting)

a photo of anthony weiner's crotch
weiner’s bulge in 2011

weiner posted a link to a picture of his crotch (between his legs) on twitter. for the media and the public, it is a hilarious coincidence that weiner is pronounced exactly the same as wiener, a synonym for penis.

the new york post fit three sexual innuendo jokes onto this front page.


battle of the bulge was the last major german offensive of world war ii, but bulge is also the word to use when a man’s penis is visible through the clothes he is wearing (wearing, NOT using). weiner lost his battle of the bulge and had to step down from his position.

expose means uncover or reveal. it refers to weiner getting caught and also to him showing his genitalia. publicly showing genitals is a criminal act in most places called indecent exposure. expose should NOT be used to describe a presentation. this is a common mistake for spanish speakers who want to translate the spanish verb exponer directly.  DON’T DO IT 🙂

hot dogs are also called wieners.

could be my wiener is the third joke. weiner definitely didn’t use the word wiener when he made this announcement.

despite originally claiming the shot of his crotch was the result of a hack, weiner eventually admitted the bulge was his and that he took the picture.  but before that, the new york daily news featured this cover


huh? in this case shows confusion generated by weiner’s odd statement that the dick pic (a penis picture) might be his but he didn’t send it. pickle is a problem, as well as a tasty snack, a condiment for hamburgers and another synonym for penis.

a pickle
a pickle (a1pickle.com)

weiner’s indiscrete tweet and the media disaster that followed were the inspiration for this seldom (not often) viewed video on the richyrocks youtube channel (92 views when this post was published).

the video is a fictional political spot (ad) that presents a creative new philosophy that allows for (permits) some of weiner’s behavior.

the text at the beginning announces the vid will address post weinergate american politics. various scandals that have happened since the watergate scandal destroyed richard nixon’s presidency in the 1970s have had the suffix -gate added to them. it doesn’t demonstrate much creativity, but media consumers immediately recognize they are reading or hearing about a scandal.

president richard nixon and the watergate hotel
a break-in at the democratic headquarters in the watergate hotel in 1972 led to president nixon’s resignation and the usage of “-gate” for numerous other scandals.

left out means excluded, not included. the suggestion in the vid is that the reason people were angry about weinergate was because they didn’t get the link to the photo of anthony weiner’s crotch.

at :30, u can hear that the fictional vip blog supposedly contains a video of me getting a jimmy suck from one of the bridesmaids at my sister’s weddingjimmy suck means oral sex. blow job, head and brain are other, more widely used alternatives.

monica lewinsky and bill clinton
monica lewinsky and bill  clinton participated in the most famous jimmy suck in american politcal history.

at :35, in the phrase we put up new material all the time, put up means post, display.

there is a promise at :40 for 30 minutes of sex chat with constituents every day. constituents are the people a politician represents.

listen at :45, for the declaration i’m out of the closet. out of the closet is a metaphor used when somone announces that they are gay, the idea being that they had been hiding their sexuality in a metaphorical closet. in this video, out of the closet applies to being openly sexual with constituents.

one leg coming out of a closet
one leg coming out of the closet

at :50, the last graphic says i’ll show u my dong if u vote for me is a more direct quid pro quo (exchange).  dong is yet another synonym for penis.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

anthony weiner attempted a political comeback in 2013 that failed because of another sexting scandal. the fbi had weiner’s laptop because he is currently under investigation for more sexting.

richyrocks has no political aspirations.

does a politican’s sexual activity affect what u think about them? share your opinion under leave a reply




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