wtf with helmut marko’s controversial comments about checo pérez?

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during the most mexican month on the calendar (september, of course 🇲🇽😺 ), a mountain of f1 media attention was focused on negative comments made by red bull racing team advisor helmut marko about mexican driver sergio ‘checo’ perez.

red bull advisor helmut marko and red bull driver sergio 'checo' perez--vocabulario en inglés

helmut marko and checo perez

after the italian grand prix at the beginning of last month marko said…

we know that he has problems in qualifying, he has fluctuations in form, he is south american and he is just not as completely focused in his head as [teammate] max (verstappen)

it was lost on no one (everybody noticed) that marko confused either (one of these two options) where checo is from or where mexico is located geographically, which is north america.  if spanish is your first language there will be an instinct to pronounce south america sude america. DON’T DO IT. make sure to pronounce south 👉🏼SOWWTH.

south american map with flags representing their respective countries--vocabulario en inglés

mexico is not in south america (wikimedia common)

fluctuate means checo’s form varies. as completely focused in his head as is a comparative form. marko’s idea is that max verstappen is more focused than checo.  a less complicated example of as focused as appears in the first line of this track  glass animals song. listen at :25 for

as cold as an old ice cream sandwich, as focused as mr. miyagi

an article by luke smith on the summarizes what happened next …

marko’s comments about pérez after the italian grand prix sparked widespread condemnation through the f1 paddock, and sparked a big fan backlash on social media.

spark means cause. widespread means everywhere.  the paddock is the working area for teams next to the racetrack. backlash is the strong negative reaction that marko received.

checo walking through the paddock--vocabulario en inglés

checo walking through the paddock at the austrian grand prix (planet

fia (fédération internationale de l’automobile), the governing body of motor sport reacted…

marko has received a written warning and been reminded of his responsibilities as a public figure in motor sport in line with the fia code of ethics.

written is the irregular past participle of write. it is applied as an adjective here. in line with means in accordance with. as indicates the role that helmut marko has in motor sport.  remind gives the idea that marko already knew about the code of ethics but forgot about it.

helmut marko looking at checo perez--vocabulario en inglés
fia reminded helmut marko that he needs to be more careful about what he says

smith’s report includes the specific article of fia’s code of ethics that applies to marko in this ordeal

article 1.2 of the fia’s code of ethics states: “there shall be no discrimination between participants to the fia activities on the basis of race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or social origin, language, religion, philosophical or political opinion, family situation or disability

basis means the foundation or fundamental reason. shall  is often used in formal documents like this to present an order or instruction. it can be found in a surprising number of your favorite songs:

elton john‘s classic bennie and the jets is a tribute to a fictional, futuristic, high-energy, all-girl band. listen at 1:40 in this revamped (new) version that includes pink and rapper logic

we shall survive, let us take ourselves along
where we fight our parents out in the streets to find who’s right and who’s wrong

nardo wick‘s bars (lines, lyrics) in this popular track contain this example based on commandment number 8 of the biblical ten commandments at 1:10…

i stole her heart, thou shall not steal, like, sorry, im a sinner

stole is the irregular past tense of steal. thou is an archaic way of saying u. like is a filler–an informal, extra word that is not really essential to the idea. a sinner is a person who breaks god’s laws,  who doesn’t follow the commandment.

and at 3:25 in whitney houston‘s i’m every woman, the lyrics say

i ain’t bragging ’cause i’m the one
just ask me ooh, it shall be done

ain’t is an informal way to say isn’t. brag means to speak proudly, arrogantly.


beyond (in addition to) the written warning given to marko…

the fia has an ethics committee that can investigate alleged breaches of its ethics code upon complaints from one of the fia parties or third parties

alleged means supposed; there’s not proof. a breach is an infraction . upon means when it happens. complaints are expressions of dissatisfaction. party is typically used in formal language to refer to a person or group in a dispute. third party refers to a  person or group who is not affiliated with fia. these definitions of party are way different than this video of checo partying with f1 legend and mercedes driver lewis hamilton before the mexican grand prix in 2015…

so far, fia’s ethics committee hasn’t investigated marko’s comments.

alan baldwin‘s article on reuters reported on the backlash which included motor sport site declaring…

this cannot keep happening to sergio perez. he deserves better than to have to grin and bear derogatory remarks from a senior figure in red bull’s formula one organisation. the way helmut marko talks about him needs to stop.

keep means continue. deserve better means checo should get more favorable treatment from marko and red bull in general. grin and bear is an idiom that means accept without complaining, put up with. derogatory means negative, abusive. remarks are comments.

a poster for a donald duck cartoon called grin and bear it--vocabulario en inglés

👉🏼check out the wordplay in the title of this cartoon about donald duck putting up with bears

organizers of the mexican grand  prix had checo’s back too…

inappropriate comments have no place in any environment, including sport. it is important that measures are taken to prevent it and that apologies are made when necessary. we invite everyone to build a more respectful and united formula one community, encouraging healthy competition both on and off the track.

measures are coordinated actions, steps. apologies (uh-PAH-luh-jeez) is the plural of apology. it’s a noun. don’t confuse its pronunciation with the verb apologize (uh-PAH-luh-jyze). are taken and are made are both passive voice 👉🏼auxiliary verb be + past participle. they focus more on the measures and the apologies than who is taking/making them. encourage means promote. healthy means positive, ethical.

lewis hamilton celebrating--vocabulario en inglés

lewis hamilton is outspoken on the issues of inclusion and racism in f1

hamilton expressed disappointment at the way checo’s team handled the situation…

the lack of action from red bull over marko’s comments drew criticism from mercedes f1 driver lewis hamilton who has been the sport’s leading voice on inclusion and combatting racism in recent years.

drew is the irregular past tense of draw. in this context it means provoke. has been is a typcial application of present perfect. it indicates that lewis hamilton started talking about inclusion and racism in f1 a few years ago and he continues to voice his opinion to this day. lack means that red bull’s racing team didn’t take action intially. in these songs it means without or don’t have.

at 1:55 doja cat drops this line…

logical thinking is just something that u lack

the beginning of the second verse of greenday‘s biggest hit says…

and i went to a shrink
to analyze my dreams
she says it’s lack of sex that’s bringing me down

a shrink is a psychiatrist. bring down means make sad.

and in tears for fears‘ biggest hit, listen at 3:25 for…

i can’t stand this indecision married with a lack of vision

can’t stand means it’s intolerable.

and mercedes team principal and ceo toto wolff criticized marko’s point of view…

it’s not only what has been said, but it’s the mindset, that u can even come out with these things. that hasn’t got any place in formula 1. that’s not something that should have been said in the past, and certainly not now. in the future, we all know that we need more diversity in formula 1, more inclusion, and the teams do their best to create an environment where this is possible. obviously statements like this don’t shine the light on formula 1 that formula 1 deserves.

what has been said is present perfect passive voice. it is implied but not directly stated that we are talking about what marko said. mindset is attitude. come out with means make a rude declaration. even emphasizes the surprise that wolff felt at marko’s comments. hasn’t got is the has got structure. it’s the equivalent of has.

toto wolff--vocabulario en inglés

toto wolff: marko’s comments are something that should not have been said

should have been said is another passive voice example, this time used with should in the past (past modal). it indicates that marko’s remarks were a major misjudgmentshine the light is an idiom that means attract attention. deserve in this context gives the idea that the publicity that f1 gets should be generated by the sport, not insensitive observations by an executive.

joaquin phoenix's joker with the text u get what u fucking deserve--vocabulario en inglés

the most climactic line of the movie the joker includes the word deserve

the following vocabulary is defined in the tiktok at the beginning of the post: bust balls, like (filler), must’ve (past modal), dose off, confusing, lack, like (to introduce dialogue), felt, boomer, grow up, pretty.

how do u interpret helmut marko’s comments about checo pérez? share your feelings under leave a reply


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