toluca lyric 10: ‘heat of the moment’ is a powerful idiom!

toluca lyric 10 is a video from my youtube channel that analyzes the lyrics and cultural significance of asia‘s mega hit heat of the moment.

there are three other posts full of heat of the moment inspired vocabulary and fun:

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one final post is required to demonstrate how many different ways the idiom heat of the moment is applied to various scenarios.

  • my favorite new series of the year, i’m a virgo, used the phrase heat of the moment to talk about a romantic or sexual urge that can’t be suppressed in the cold open (when an episode starts before credits or a theme song) for episode 4…


  • drake uses heat of the moment similarly and his jam (song) of the same name features an outro by his dad, dennis graham, talking about sex, drugs & rock and roll, but especially sex. the last line spoken by graham in  heat of the moment is…

this shit, that’s all it is. it’s the heat of the moment. be a 100% woman, or try and be a 100% man, and use a fucking condom. haaa 

shit is situation, reality. fucking is an adjective that is used strictly for emphasis.


i feel like i’m an informed person, but in the heat of the moment, it’s just hard to be like, let’s use logic right now

just emphasizes the complication of condom use in the heat of the moment when sexual urges are strong. feel like means that waybe like is used to present an idea;  vin this scenario, let’s use logic.

dua lipa meme with text that reads my baby he makes me feel like nobody else--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment    meme of drake with text that reads you make me feel lilke i did u wrong--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment

dua lipa’s new rules and drakes’s hotline bling both contain examples of feel like in their lyrics and both are analyzed here on


  • the movie good boys offers a more innocent example of the thrill (excitement) of the heat of the moment in this representation of the classic teenage party game, spin the bottle. and the soundtrack is actually asia’s heat of the moment!!


  • in mystery spot, s3 ep11 of supernatural, brothers sam (jared padalecki) and dean (jensen ackles) live the same day over and over (repeatedly). the day always starts with the siblings waking up to asia’s heat of the moment.


  • in the hangover 2, phil (bradley cooper) apologizes to alan (zach galifianakis) for things he said in the heat of the moment


the issue is when [a discussion] escalates to an argument that gets out of hand and an employee runs off and makes a statement that they have had enough and resigns in the heat of the momentalthough on the face of it, it may seem clear that an employee has resigned we would recommend that u always give your employees an opportunity to reconsider their resignation, especially if it is done in the heat of the moment

different from discusión in spanish, a discussion in english doesn’t imply anger.  in a heated discussion the participants show emotion but discussion means conversation. escalate means get more intense. get out of hand means lose control. run off means leave suddenly. had enough means reach the limit, not want more. it’s frequently used in the present perfect, as it is here. resign means quit, leave. like however or but, although is used to consider a contrasting idea.  on the face of it means without knowing the details. may seem means maybe that’s how it looks.

a heated discussion between two guys--vocabulario en inglés--heat of the moment

when a normal discussion gets out of hand we call it a heated discussion


why u shouldn’t make a heat of the moment decision to end your marriage. and what u should do instead.

and fare observes…

when the heat of the moment has passed, the doubts creep in

instead means as an alternative. creep in means gradually appear. in other words after the heat of the moment passes, it’s typical to reconsider.

when doubts start to creep in  []


  • there is a podcast about fighting climate change called heat of the moment...

on heat of the moment, a 10-part podcast by fp studios, in partnership with the climate investment funds, we focus on ordinary people across the globe who have found ways to fight back.

10-part is an adjective phrase. for this reason, part is singular. u could also say the podcast has 10 parts. -ate in climate is pronounced with a shwuh sound (KLY-mutt). it is NOT pronounced klee-MATE. focus is frequently mispronounced. the correct pronunciation is FOE-kuss. the cu is not pronounced like a q, as it is in cure or accurate. fight back is a phrasal verb that means respond to an attack, retaliate.

a header for the heat of the moment podcast--vocabulario en inglés

the heat of the moment podcast

it’s common to see heat of the moment used to describe action in sports.

  • for instance, in 2001 muhammad ali regretted insulting joe frazier with traditional american racist imagery when they were promoting their first fight in 1971…

i said a lot of things in the heat of the moment that i shouldn’t have said. called him names i shouldn’t have called him. i apologize for that. i’m sorry. it was all meant to promote the fight.

shouldn’t have said and shouldn’t have called are past modals. they represent a hypothetical observation about the past. in reality ali did call frazier names. apologize means he was sorry. meant is the irregular past tense of mean.

poster for the first fight between muhammad ali and joe frazier in madison square garden march 8, 1971--vocabulario ein inglés

when joe frazier and muhammad ali fought for the first time in 1971, it was called the fight of the century


  • last year around this time, cristiano ronaldo was being criticized for leaving manchester united‘s bench early after refusing to enter their match against tottenham

i’ve always tried to set the example… for the youngsters… [on] all the teams that i’ve represented. unfortunately that’s not always possible and sometimes the heat of the moment gets the best of us.

set the example means acting in a way that others should imitate. youngsters are young people. get the best of means take control over, defeat, overwhelm.


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we all know that if u say something interesting, it will be out there. so we know the consequences and obviously we have control of that – we don’t have to say it.  but obviously sometimes in the heat of the moment or an emotional moment, u do have an outburst or whatever. i think it’s fine. u know, we’re racing, but at the end of the day we’re also entertainment.

interesting refers to comments made by drivers to their race engineers via radio during races. these comments generate interest.  the fans and the media are interested. comments CANNOT be interested.  only interesting. out there means on the internet.  an outburst is a sudden display of powerful emotions. whatever means or something like that. at the end of the day means in conclusion, all things considered.

f1 drivers max verstappen and nico hulkenberg--vocabulario en inglés      puppets of f1 drivers max verstappen and nico hulkenberg--vocabulario en inglés

f1 3-time champion max verstappen & nico hulkenberg: they’re real guys but at the end of the day, they’re also entertainment (

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