hawkeye athletes & presidential campaigns

presidential hopeful donald trump spoke at my alma mater, the university of iowa, tuesday night in an old building where i played a lot of basketball and learned yoga back in the day, the university of iowa field house. he was campaigning for the iowa caucus which will be held next monday, february 1 and invited several iowa hawkeye athletes on stage with him.

trump doing an ed grimley immitation at the university of iowa field house
trump convincing iowans he loves iowa things at the university of iowa fieldhouse (getty)

not surprisingly, trump said several things calculated to generate a positive response from iowans. an article by james q. lynch in the cedar rapids gazette, the newspaper in iowa’s second largest city, reported that the donald

promised to make sure that the iowa caucuses remain first-in-the-nation and reminded his audience “i’m a fan of ethanol.”

the iowa caucus is iowa’s mini-election to select the the presidential candidates for the two major political parties in the united states, democrats and republicans.  iowans enjoy the attention they receive from candidates because they are the first state in the country to hold this election.

ethanol is a fuel (burned for engergy) made of corn, and iowa produces a lot of corn.

gop logo
the symbol of the gop (republicans) is an elephant

lynch’s article quotes iowa state political science professor david andersen

trump probably has more supporters than his gop rivals, but if those supporters don’t show up to caucus it just won’t matter. it is not just popularity that wins the caucus; it is turning out your supporters.

gop is a nickname for the republicans. it stands for grand old party.  show up means attend, arrive. turn out in this context means making sure they show up.

a real whirlwind

on espn.com, dan murphy described the situation in iowa like this

nobody in iowa city escapes the political whirlwind that sweeps through town in an election year

whrilwind is a miniature version of a tornado, and its motion could be described as sweeping through, generating a lot of commotion for a short time, then moving on.

an actual stump
the hawkeyes who supported trump didn’t actually stand on a stump. (wikipedia)

the headline of the article shows yet another way trump attempted to associate himself with something important to iowans

Iowa football players stump for Trump

stump is what is left after a tree is cut down.  applied to trump’s appearance at the iowa field house, it’s show support. the origin of this idea is that in previous generations politicians visiting towns stood on a stump to give a speech.

trump with members of the iowa wrestling team
donald trump telling hawkeye wrestlers that he loves them

in fact not only the football team but also members of the undefeated iowa hawkeye wrestling team, ranked second in the country, were on stage stumping for trump too.

uthoff & fiorina at the university of iowa
hawkeye leading scorer jarrod uthoff and republican candidate carly fiorina (@whignewtons)

another republican presidential candidate, former hp boss carly fiorina, was in iowa city on tuesday too. she posed for a picture (above) with jarrod uthoff, the leading scorer for the hawkeye men’s basketball team. brandi bachman at kcrg.com described it like this

fellow republican carly fiorina stopped in iowa city, she was seen arm and arm with basketball player jarrod uthoff.

fellow indicates that both fiorina and trump are republicans.

at the beginning of the year, fiorina also tried to demonstrate to iowans she’s a true hawkeye with this highly criticized tweet

christian datoc at daily caller used a couple of good words to describe trump’s tactics and objectives

trump publicly touted endorsements from both [football and wrestling] teams to woo potential voters attending the official campaign event on the university’s campus.

tout used here is like boasted. woo means try to attract or win.

trump with iowa hawkeye football players
hawkeye athletes didn’t break any rules by appearing with trump (joe raedle)

there was a brief controversy about whether or not trump’s appearance with the hawkeye athletes (including quarterback cj beathard who trump called ‘the next tom brady’) violated any rules. iowa athletic director gary barta answered

i was made aware that a number of current and former ui students from various sports attended the rally last night. university of iowa student-athletes are encouraged to participate in the political process as individuals. however, like any endorsement by a student or faculty member, their participation should not be considered representative of the entire team or university.

it’s a common spanglish to confuse attend and assist. the english translation of the spanish word asistir is attend (NOT assist) and it means, go to; or like the phrasal verb we saw above, show up. an endorsement shows support. it’s frequently used in politics and marketing.

chicharito beats
beats by dre is one of chicharito’s many endorsements

and the newspaper of the capital of iowa, the des moines register, ran a story from the iowa city press-citizen by jeff charis-carlson that said

a spokesperson for the ncaa compliance office deferred to the university’s statement.

defer means the ncaa compliance office accepts and has nothing to add to barta’s statement and seems to say the ncaa doesn’t see a rules violation.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

what do u think about political candidates using athletes or local celebrities to woo voters? is it effective?  ethical? share your opinion under leave a reply


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