farewell, kobe farewell tour

the most recent video on  the richyrocks youtube channel uses the kobe bryant farewell tour that concluded earlier this month to present a wealth of (a lot of) useful vocabulary, starting with the word farewell, a formal goodbye.

as u can hear at :35, the purpose of this vid ain’t bashin the great kobe bryant.  ain’t is a substitute for isn’t, aren’t or am. it’s  considered poor english by grammarians and elementary school teachers, but it’s widely used in informal situations.  bash means criticize.

kobe farewell
kobe bryant bids farewell to his fans before his final nba game (ap photo/mark j. terrill)

here is some additional info about vocab u can hear in farewell, kobe farewell tour

dipshit is an insult similar to but more colorful than stupid.

captain picard's frustration with a dipshit
captain picard frustrated with a lack of intellect

at :45, as good at anything as kobe was at basketball when he was 15 years old  is a complicated example of the as….as comparative structure. it compares my overall abilities with kobe’s basketball skill at age 15.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

sanity refers to good mental health.

finding sanity through meditation
meditation is one way to try to maintain (or find) sanity

hefty can mean strong, but in this case it’s big.

lack means absence or deficiency.

worth watching  indicates that of the 82 games the lakers played this season, the only one  that was entertaining or interesting  enough for fans to watch was kobe’s farewell.

kobe summer league 1996
kobe bryant playing in the nba summer league before his first nba season (ballislife.com)

basketball summer leagues (mentioned at 1:40) generally don’t pay a lot of attention to defensive intensity and as a result, exaggerated individual scoring statistics are normal.

in the phrase social media and traditional media alike; alike means both.

overshadow, upstage and steal the show all give the idea that kobe’s incredible 60 point performance in his last game was more deserving of attention than the golden state warriors completing the season with the best record in the history of the nba.

luke walton & steve kerr
despite coaching the warriors to more than half of their wins this season while head coach steve kerr (right) was recovering from back surgery, assistant luke walton (left) did not upstage his boss, who was voted coach of the year

whatever (2:30) is often used when it is clear (though frustrating) that u can’t convince someone or win an argument.

the heart wants what the heart wants is a phrase attributed to poet emily dickinson, and also associated with film director woody allen and singer selena gomez. it gives the idea that decisions people make with their hearts are based on strong feelings and many times are illogical.

kobe farewell--the heart wants what it wants
many people who follow the nba seemed to be more impressed by kobe’s amazing last game than the warriors’ record-breaking season; perhaps for sentimental reasons 

good riddance expresses happiness or relief that something has finished, left or disappeared. it is related to the phrasal verb get rid of.

are u fan of the nba or the l.a. lakers?  what did u think of kobe’s farewell tour? share your answers under leave a reply.


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