elon musk’s awkward conference call with bonehead shareholders


elon musk is one of the most important entrepreneurs in the world. his companies are leading the way into the future. he has 21 million followers on twitter.  but when i mentioned him in class a few days ago, i got the idea that he is not very well known in mexico.  coincidentally, he was in the news last week for comments he made to shareholders (partial owner, investor) in his role as the ceo of tesla, an electric car producer.

elon musk

elon musk (forbes)

an article for money by brad tuttle had this headline

Elon Musk Got Bored and Snippy on a Conference Call and It Cost Him Nearly $1 Billion

get in the phrase get bored indicates a transformation from not bored to bored. snippy means condescending. disdainful. but why would this attitude cost musk so much money? tuttle explains

like many billionaire entrepreneurs, elon musk’s net worth is tied directly to the stock price of the company he founded and oversees. musk’s wealth rises when tesla shares soar, and it plummets when tesla shares tank.

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entrepreneurs invest in and take on the risks of starting new companies. net worth is how wealthy a person is.  wealth is the money and property a person owns. tie in this context is connected. stock is ownership in a company. shares are the individual units of stock. found means create. soar means fly or increase quickly. plummet is the opposite–fall rapidly. tank means fail.

elon musk poses next to a tesla

elon musk’s net worth is tied to tesla, but he is also ceo of a few other companies he has founded.

jackie wattles’ article for cnn tech says

musk is known for his quirks, but investors appeared to be put off.

quirks are eccentricities, peculiarities. the phrasal verb  put offis a phrasal verb that means angry, offended.

santa clarita diet poster

santa clarita diet is a quirky, violent comedy series on netflix.

why were they put off? matt egan on cnn money reported that

musk slammed one analyst for asking “boring, bonehead questions” and quickly shut down another for asking about the model 3.

slam means insult. bonehead is similar to dumb or idiot. shut down means musk stopped the question about the model 3, which is a car that tesla produces.

bonehead, yes. but the brain is all brain.

on money.com, tuttle reported that musk…

said bluntly that investors who are uneasy about volatility should steer clear of tesla stock.  investors aren’t necessarily scared off just because a powerful executive was rude—but they may be concerned about musk’s cavalier attitude

bluntly is directly. uneasy means nervous. steer clear means avoid, stay away from. scare off means scare enough to make them leave. rude is not nice, bad-mannered. cavalier is indifferent, casual.

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especially once the playoffs start, lebron doesn’t take a cavalier attitude towards winning. (ap photo/tony dejak)

the reaction to musk’s blunt remarks was immediate and significant…

a large portion of investors apparently have taken musk’s comments to heart, leading to a huge selloff in the aftermath of the conference call. not long after the market opened on thursday, tesla shares were down more than 8%.

take to heart means investors reacted emotionally to musk’s comments.  selloff means the investors sold the stock in serious quantities. huge means it was really big. aftermath refers to the consequences of a crisis.

a huge watermelon

damn! that watermelon is huge. (amazon.com)

matt egan’s story  on cnn money anticipated additional issues. the headline read

Elon Musk picked a bad time to burn bridges on Wall Street

and egan elaborated

the timing for musk’s antics couldn’t be worse. many analysts believe tesla will turn to wall street for more cash because it burned through so much trying to make the model 3, which is supposed to be its first mass-market electric car

pick means select. burn bridges means damage a relationship beyond repair. timing refers to the moment that musk’s actions happened. antics are crazy actions. turn to means ask for support or help. burn through is a phrasal verb that means spend quickly. supposed to means should or assumed.

elon musk acknowledged on friday that it was “foolish” of him to snub analysts on a conference call

acknowledge means admit. foolish is stupidsnub means ignore.

elon musk makes a maybe face

musk acknowledged he should have answered the questions shareholders had. (joe skipper/reuters)

and musk showed at least symbolic regret by tweeting in the 3rd conditional (modal auxiliary [should in this case] + have + past participle [answered in this case])

what else do u know about elon musk? what do u think about his snubbing investors?  share your thoughts under leave a reply





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