dope, the dopest or just dopey?

dopey (the dwarf ) got his name because the other dwarves thought he was stupid 

dope is a synonym for idiot.  and the adjective dopey is similar to stupid.  like how american news personality bill o’reilly refers to the british royal family as “dopey people in the carriage” in this video, his idea is that their traditions and behavior are dumb.

dope can also mean recreational drugs, like in lady gaga‘s song dope, where she regrets the rock and roll lifestyle and various times says i need u more than dope.

this portrait of a drug dealer from compton, california at the end of the 80s by nwa is another memorable example

but the most common application of the word nowadays is to express that something is cool.

jahlil okafor looked reminiscent of a famous biggie smalls photo on his dad’s dope t-shirt (@lukewinn)

for instance, soon to be nba rookie jahlil okafor of the ncaa champion duke blue devils was featured on a t-shirt his dad wore at the championship game that thought was cool

Jahlil Okafor’s Dad Had The Dopest Shirt At The NCAA Tournament

13th Annual Harold And Carole Pump Foundation Gala Honoring Jamie Foxx, Shaquille O'Neal, And Joe Torre
kevin hart told the students who got the scholarships that they are the dopest 

kevin hart, perhaps the hottest comedian in hollywood right now provided 4 students in north philadelphia with $50,000 scholarships. during his presentation, he let the kids know how impressive he thinks they are. reported

[hart told them ] “what you’re doing is dope. you’re dope. you’ve got the opportunity to be the dopest of all dopetivity.”  beyond their inherent dopeness, hart selected the scholarship recipients as a way to reward their high gpa’s and alleviate some of their financial need.

gpa is an abbreviation for grade point average, a quantification of academic performance.

fun elt practice richyrocks english on youtube

and was impressed with this basketball shot by barcelona footballer martín montoya

Damn, This Barcelona Player’s Trick Basketball Kick-Shot Is Dope

the shorts montoya is wearing in the video are doper than average too.

are u familiar with kevin hart and/or martín montoya?  are they dope performers? share your answers under leave a reply




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