come here from sick ’em

(he) doesn’t know come here from sick ’em is a colloquial expression used to indicate that someone is confused or just plain stupid.

come here
come here (



sick 'em
sick ’em






it applies to people, but it brings to mind the image of a dog that cannot distinguish between two different commands: come here which is for calling a dog and sick ’em (or sic ’em) which instructs a dog to attack. em is a reduction; sometimes for them, sometimes for him too.  sick ’em is pronounced like one word.

in the video, after several attempts to get the mexican street dog scrote to come, it is observed at (:23) that he is not taking to the idea. this means that being told ‘come here’ doesn’t provoke any interest or response from him.

mange mites come here from sick 'em
mange mites
flea come here from sick 'em
a flea

fun english practice 🙂 richyrocks english on youtube

mangy ol fleabag (:33) is a combination of common insults for dogs. mange is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites.  mangy describes something that has mange.  similar to mites, fleas are little insects commonly found on dogs.  fleabag is used to say a dog is covered with fleas.  ol is the same as old but frequently indicates affection or endearment.

tea bag come here from sick 'em
this is a teabag, but be CAREFUL! teabag is sometimes a metaphor for scrotum


a tea bag (pictured above) is used to prepare a cup of tea. but it can also be used to refer to the scrotum (the sack of skin that holds the testicles). fleabag and teabag sound good together because they rhyme and they are used at :36 on the video because scrote seems to be licking (using his tongue) his privates.

tukered out come here from sick 'em
house dogs can get tuckered out too.

tuckered out is a synonym for tired.a

get it is a common expression that means understand, comprehend.  scrote is given several opportunities to come or sic, but his lack of reaction gives the idea that he doesn’t get it.

doesn't get it come here from sick 'em
he doesn’t get it. or maybe he’s got mange mites.    

so do u think scrote really doesn’t get it?  he really doesn’t know come here from sick ’em?  or do u think he just doesn’t care? share your opinion under leave a reply




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