canelo & ggg brawl, scrap. doubts linger

the canelo alvarez /ggg (gennady golovkin) fight saturday night left fans pumped up (excited) and  frutstrated at the same time.

canelo (left) & ggg (right) [getty]
ricky doyle at reports

canelo alvarez and gennady golovkin fought to a split draw saturday night at t-mobile arena in a punishing brawl that amazingly lived up to its prefight hype.

split draw means one judge said golovkin won, another said canelo won and the third judge said it was a draw (tie, the two fighters were equal, no winner). brawl is another word for fight.  lived up to the hype means there was a lot of publicity for this fight and it didn’t disappoint. it was a great fight.

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the kid’s slightly raised eyebrow shows his skepticism. get it?

doyle continues…..

the scrap wasn’t without controversy, as one judge’s scorecard raised some eyebrows, and the obvious next step is a rematch to possibly answer the many questions still lingering after such an eventful clash.

scrap is also fight. a raised eyebrows indicates skepticism about or disapproval of the result. clash is yet another way to say fight. linger means they didn’t disappear. it is used to talk about feelings that don’t go away after a relationship ends in the cranberries song linger.

the headline of the article reinforces the raised eyebrows and lingering doubts that the split draw created

Canelo Vs. GGG Rematch Inevitable After Amazing Fight With Iffy Scoring

iffy means questionable.

a taco in a bag

when it looked like ggg had the fight in the bag, it didn’t look anything like a taco in a bag.

more on the amazing fight…

canelo outboxed golovkin in the early going, but ggg controlled the middle rounds. and just when it looked like ggg might have the fight in the bag, canelo rallied late to shrink whatever gap had existed on the scorecards … or so we thought.

in the bag means certain, for sure.  rally means recover, come back.  shrink is reduce, make smaller. gap is distance or difference. had existed is the past perfect tense. it is used to refer to the time between ggg controlling the middle rounds and canelo’s rally. or so we thought is used to show that what everybody thought would happen isn’t what happened.

judge adalaide byrd had canelo ahead throughout the bout. (al bello/getty)

how was the scoring iffy?

one judge, adalaide byrd, had canelo ahead on her scorecard throughout the entire fight, ultimately determining that the 27-year-old won 10 of the 12 rounds to earn a 118-110 victory. fortunately, her scorecard was offset by judge dave moretti’s scorecard (115-113 for ggg) and don trella’s scorecard (114-114), resulting in a draw, otherwise this controversy might be even greater.

throughout means from start to finish. earn means obtain from a serious effort or hard work. if spanish is your first language make sure u are saying fortunately, NOT afortunately (from the spanish afortunadamente). afortunately is not an english word and sounds similar to unfortunately, the opposite of fortunately.  offset means balance and otherwise refers to different circumstances.

canelo and ggg

nah, man. that ain’t the dougie. (afp)

golovkin’s promoter tom loeffler had this to say about the scoring–

i think the first score we saw was a little bit rough, i don’t know how that one came out. it sets up a tremendous rematch if canelo wants another crack at the titles. i will set that up with eric (gomez) and oscar (de la hoya of golden boy promotions) if they want to make an offer.

rough means irregular, come out means happen, result. a crack is an opportunity. the first usage of set up is make possible, the second is arrange.

ggg talking to the press after the fight

in the post-fight interview, ggg said he wants a mexican-style rematch

dan rafael at also commented on loeffler’s positive outlook (point of view)

tom loeffler, golovkin’s promoter, at least saw the silver lining because ggg did keep his title belts, after all. “it could have been a lot worse,” he said.

a silver lining is a positive discovered inside a negative situation. after all is most importantly. could have been worse is 3rd conditional (a hypothetical situation in the past), in reality, it wasn’t worse because ggg didn’t lose the fight or his 3 championship belts.

canelo and ggg exchange punches

golovkin’s promoter thought the split draw decision was a little bit rough, but it could have been worse. (afp)

doyle broke down (explained) what this brawl meant to the two boxers

golovkin, an undefeated knockout artist, proved he’s worthy of the big stage against hands-down his toughest opponent yet, while canelo again showed that he’s among the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet by serving as the immovable object to ggg’s unstoppable force.

undefeated means golovkin has never lost. worthy means deserving. hands-down means without a doubt, canelo is the best fighter golovkin has faced by far. pound for pound means in any weight class. the immovable object vs the unstoppable force is an expression used when two equally matched powers collide.

 :) richyrocks english on youtube

canelo dodges a ggg punch

the immovable object in this confrontation actually moved effectively on several occasions. (john locher/ap)

and doyle recognized something good that came out of adalaide byrd’s iffy scorekeeping…

in the end, there’s one positive from byrd’s inexplicable brain fart: it all but ensures a rematch.

inexplicable means there is no explanation. brain fart is an error in judment. all but means almost certainlyin the end is an alternative to at the end of the day and the title of this song by linkin park

did u watch the canelo/golovkin brawl? did u agree with the decision? or was it a mamada (wtf?) that was set up (arranged) to make a rematch more attractive and lucrative? share your views under leave a reply





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