trash talk: caitlin clark & angel reese bring it at thrilling 2023 final four

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the iowa hawkeye women’s basketball team, led by superstar guard caitlin clark, had an entertaining run through the ncaa (u.s. college) tournament all the way to the championship game.  they broke a few records along the way.


caitlin clark: u can’t see me

it was a big deal (important) when iowa (my alma mater, btw ) played louisville in the elite 8 (quarterfinal) and  roughly (approximately) 2.5 million viewers saw the game. that was a higher rating than any nba game on espn so far this season and an all-time record for an eilte 8 game in the women’s ncaa tournament. but they were just getting started.

their final four matchup (semifinal game) against undefeated south carolina set another record with an audience of over five and a half million. and most impressive of all 👉🏼 for the final vs lsu nearly 10 million fans tuned in (saw it) making it the most watched game in the history of women’s college basketball.

but bigger than any of these historical statistics was the moment at the end of the iowa/lsu game that transcended basketball and led to a heated national discussion about race and gender in sports.  rachel treisman‘s article on describes what happened

lsu forward angel reese celebrated the tigers’ fourth-quarter lead (and imminent victory) by one hand in front of her face — a gesture popularized by the wrestler  [john cena] as “u can’t see me” — and tapping her ring finger while looking pointedly at iowa hawkeyes guard caitlin clark.  the moment quickly went viral, with commentators and observers criticizing reese for what they perceived as unsportsmanlike taunting of clark. the word “classlesseven trended on twitter.

lead means advantage, lsu was winning. the second “w” in wwe stands for wrestling, the sport/spectacle. the athletes who participate are wrestlers, like john cena. tap means touch. pointedly means directly, not subtle. unsportsmanlike means not demonstrating the principles of fair play. taunt means provoke, mock. classless means insensitive or low-quality behavior. trend means many people were talking about it.

john cena’s u can’t see me

50 Cent - In Da Club (Official Music Video)

john cena got the idea for u can’t see me from rapper tony yayo seen here in 50 cent’s in da club video
in her postgame interview, lsu’s angel reese, the most outstanding player in the tournament,  gave an outstanding explanation of how she was feeling…

all year i was critiqued about who i was. i don’t fit the narrative; i don’t fit in the box that y’all want me to be in. i’m too hood. i’m too ghetto. y’all told me that all year but when other people do it, y’all don’t say nothing.

so this was for the girls that look like me, that’s gonna speak up on what they believe in. it’s unapologetically u and that’s what i did it for tonight…it was bigger than me tonight.

critique means evaluate, judgey’all is a contraction of you and all and is understood as the plural of u. hood, short for neighborhood and ghetto refer to poor neighborhoods. reese’s implication is that she is talking about black neighborhoods. speak up means express opinions. unapologetically means NOT sorry. it’s an adverb. unapologetic is the equivalent adjective and the title of this track by polo g and nle chopper.

fit means be appropriate, belong. the phrasal verb fit in can frequently mean the same thing. u can hear fit/fit in used similarly in many well-known songs.  bob dylan uses fit in a romantic context in one of his most famous songs, just like a woman at 2:45…

ain’t it clear that i just can’t fit?yes, i believe that it’s time for us to quit

the lyrics of juicewrld‘s all girls are the same includes this line at 1:52…

pissed off from the way that i don’t fit in (i don’t fit in)

pissed off means angry.

the chorus of echosmith‘s cool kids says…

i wish that i could be like the cool kids’cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in

the chorus of young boy never broke again‘s anomaly starts with…

i don’t fit right, anomalies

and the most obivous example is the title of this lil baby rap

countering reese’s critics in an interview on espn sportscenter, caitlin clark clarified

that the backlash to angel reese was wrong, saying that she never should have faced criticism: “i don’t think angel should be criticized at all.

no matter which way it goes, she should never be criticized for what she did. i’m just one that competes and she competed. i think everybody knew there was going to be a little trash talking the entire tournament.

it’s not just me and angel. so I don’t think she should be criticized, like I said. lsu deserves it. they played so well. like i said, i’m a big fan of hers.”

backlash is a strong negative reaction. should [never] means it’s wrong that angel reese was criticized.  should be criticized is passive voice. be is an auxiliary and it is implied (though not mentioned) that the general public shouldn’t criticize reese.  at all emphasizes that reese should hear absolutely no criticism. no matter means regardless of or it’s unimportant.

should have faced is a past modal that is often used to point out an error via a hypothetical (the reality is that angel faced A LOT  of criticism).  face means confront. trash talk is bragging and insulting an opponent to affect them psychologically. it is an important part of basketball.

album cover for rihanna's unapologatic--vocabulario en inglés--angel reese catilin clark

rihanna’s 2012 album is titled unapologetic

reese reacted to clark’s support and provided more background about the relationship between the two players

man, people don’t realize, me and her [caitlin clark] have never had beef. we played against each other for so long and she’s a great player.

i love playing against caitlin, and i feel like me and her are the face of women’s basketball at the college level right now. so, just being able to have that and her come out and say that was great for us.

realize means understand or perceive NOT complete or finish like realizar in spanish. beef means disagreement, fight. each other refers to a mutual action (playing basketball) between angel and caitlin.  come out means declare.
poster for the netflix series beef--vocabulario en inglés--caitlin clark
the two main characters in this popular series have beef
espn‘s holly rowe, one of the most visible figures in women’s basketball media, defended both players and urged  fans to  stop hating on women for trash talking

sports journalist holly rowe called on people to stop bashing the players, no matter whose side they took:  unapologetically confident young women should be celebrated NOT hated. get used to it.

call on means strongly request. bash means criticize intensely. whose is a possessive pronoun for who or whom. take sides means support one of the two players over the other. should means it’s correct. should be celebrated is another example of passive voiceget used to it means accept it as normal.

the tiktok at the top of the post contains several examples of past modals (modal auxiliary + have + past participle) that are used to talk hypothetically about the 2023 final four. there are also examples of the following english vocabulary/concepts: double negatives, whiz, shining, cringey, shit, among other things, suffice it to say, sue, starting five, trifecta, dumb shit and shout out.

the words college, classless, trended, unapologetic, trash talk and final four from the post appear in the video too as do the useful words ever, though, point out, former and randomly even though there are no graphics marking them.

caitlin clark preparing to shoot a step-back 3--vocabulario en inglés

basketball whiz caitlin clark (ap/caean couto)

have u seen catilin clark play? are u a fan? what are your feelings about trash talk in sports?  is it more offensive when women are the trash talkers? share your ideas under leave a reply


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