nba 2k18 hilarious glitch: kd celebrates with okc

over the weekend, russell westbrook signed the richest nba contract ever (5 years, $205 million). and within the past few weeks the oklahoma city thunder have acquired superstars paul george and carmelo anthony, making them look like one of the best teams in the nba.  nevertheless, the thunder continue to be a topic of discussion on social media because of a superstar who no longer plays there, nba finals mvp kevin durant. kd left the thunder in 2016 to sign with the golden state warriors where he won the championship last season.

paul george, russell westbrook, carmelo anthony

okc’s big 3: paul george, russell westbrook, carmelo anthony (mark d. smith-usa today) 

but as michael bohlin at puts it

it appears as though kevin durant still has some love for his former teammates

as though means like as if.

kd walks past russell westbrook and steven adams. they don't appear to be friendly with each other.
does it look as though kd still has love for his teammates in this shot? (ap photo/sue ogrocki)

actually, last month, durant might have been busted (caught) using a fake (durant pretended he was another person) twitter account to diss (disrespect, criticize) some of his former teammates at okc, but bohlin was talking about a glitch (irregularity) in the game nba 2k18.

a viral video shows a video game version of the thunder beating the warriors, but as the game finishes, durant celebrates with the thunder.

andrew joseph at the for the win blog recognizes that while this is “the crown jewel of glitches” (biggest and best), it’s intentional, not a malfunction.

some developer must’ve had a sense of humor because a glitch will never be better than that.

developer is a software designer. must’ve had is a contraction for must have had which describes a hypothetical situation in the past aka (also known as) 3rd conditionalmust in the past does NOT indicate an obligation. it represents the strongest possiblity, the highest probablity.

steven adams roughhousing with former teammate kevin durant

my favorite part of the nba 2k18 postgame celebration is when steven adams (#12) starts roughhousing with durant. notice steph curry all pissed off in the background.

brad rowland at brings it back to reality

needless to say, it seems unlikely that kevin durant and members of the thunder will be embracing anytime soon.

needless to say is an expression that means it’s obvious–no one has to say it. embrace means hug.

the real versions of kevin durant & the thunder’s andre roberson were not ready to embrace when they played against each other in february.

do u play nba 2k?  is this their most hilarious (extremely funny) glitch ever? share your experience under leave a reply




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