brexit? wtf is a brexit?

today britain is voting on whether or not to exit the european union. by combining britain and exit the word brexit was born to talk about this situation. the video below, a quick take from the bloomberg youtube channel, starts by saying

britain and the european union may be in for a messy divorce.

the observation at :20 in the video is that public opinion is split (evenly divided)

polls show the brexit vote could go either way.

a brexit poll
a brexit poll from a few months ago 

and at 1:15 the impact of the brexit vote is described like this

the debate is whiplashing markets and has sent the pound tumbling.

messy is ugly, not clean. polls are surveys that show opinion and in this case attempt to predict the result of the vote.  either way means the poll is too close to confidently predict–neither side has a clear advantage.

whiplash from a car accident
whiplash is also a neck injury

whiplashing is used to show instability and tumble indicates an uncontrolable decline in value.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

at :25 the video explains that the group in favor of leaving the european union are known as eurosceptics and that they

kept the uk from adopting the euro when it was launched in 1999. nowadays they’re more worried about the surge of immigration……….since eu citizens have the freedom to live in any country they choose, leaving the block is the only sure way to stem the flow of people.

keep from means prevent or stop.  nowadays contrasts something from the past with a current reality.  surge means increase. since used like this means because and stem in this context is stop.

london mayor sadiq khan
london mayor sadiq khan has said the stakes could not be higher. (nigel howard)

an image of london mayor boris johnson appears in the vid when eurosceptics are mentioned. johnson is in fact the former (ex) mayor of london. he did not run for re-election last month, and sadiq khan, who is against the brexit, now holds the position.

london mayor sadiq khan and british prime minister david cameron campaigning for great britain to stay in the european union (yui mok/pa images)

prime minister david cameron agrees with khan on this issue. at 1:00 on the video, cameron’s opinion is reported

a break-up would be an economic disaster…….[and] the brexit would create a decade of uncertainty for financial markets, investment and the wider economy.

break-up means ending a relationship. uncertainty is doubt or confusion. wider means more british people will be affected, not just the financial sector.

a symbolic kiss between the european union and great britain
will the european union and great britain stay together or break up

finally, the video foresees (anticipates, predicts) that

whichever way the vote goes, britain’s long love-hate relationship with the eu will rumble on.

whichever means regardless of which side wins the election. rumble on means continue.

what do u think? how will this vote impact the future of britain and the rest of europe? share your opinion under leave a reply




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