politicians are having fun on our dime while the world is burning

last week republican presidential candidate donald trump posted a political spot (ad) on his instagram linking u.s. president barack obama and democratic candidate for president hillary clinton, and accusing both of them of not taking their jobs seriously enough. the conclusion of the 15-second ad reads “politicians are having fun on our dime while the world is burning.”

politicians are government officials.


this short accusation contains three useful vocabulary expressions.

trump world is burning
trump claims the world is burning (bill pugliano/getty images)

the phrasal verb have fun is necessary to talk about the action of a good time. fun by itself is not a verb.

another new york city redhead (person with red hair), cyndi lauper, has a much happier example of have fun

the world is burning is a typical metaphor used to emphasize the magnitude of the problems that humanity faces and evoke a feeling of chaos. in trump’s ad, photos of jihadi john and footage of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya promote a message that the united states faces threats in the middle east. the images of obama laughing in a golf cart and hillary dancing with her husband bill clinton give the idea that their reaction to these security threats is inappropriate.

dime burningthe front and back of a dime (heritage auction galleries)

on our dime refers to the american coin worth 10 cents. in this expression dime indicates who is paying. trump is reminding u.s. taxpayers that they are paying for the president to go golfing and former secretary of state clinton to go dancing when they presumably should be at work putting out fires.

click here to read about another idiom that uses dime.

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what do u think? is the world burning? if it is, whose dime should pay for putting out the fires?  share your opinions under leave a reply 

always have fun, amigos 🙂


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