toluca lyric 8: circles (part 3)

welcome to part 3 of the analysis of toluca lyric 8, the video that helps u expand your vocabulary in english through the lyrics of post malone‘s big hit circles.

the first line of the chorus, heard at 3:59 in toluca lyric 8, is…

seasons change and our love went cold

go cold means the heat and passion of a relationship are lost. seasons change means we don’t stay the same forever; people change and our feelings change. this is perfectly expressed in the chorus of this 80s classic by exposé.

speaking of feelings, the irregular verb feel is sometimes confused with other similar sounding verbs. at 4:07 in toluca lyric 8, feel and its irregular past tense felt are used…

i felt u feel it

feel is different from the irregular verb fall (fell, fallen), and the regular verbs fill and fail. it is also different than the irregular verb feed (fed,fed) presented at 4:12 as part of the lyric…

feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go

feed the flame literally means keep a fire burning. the metaphor in the song represents maintaining a bad relationship; feeding the flame of their doomed romance.

el pollo loco fire grillied chicken--tagline

el pollo loco’s tagline is feed the flame. they fire-grill their chicken

fun esl practice 😺 richyrocks english on youtube

though appears at 4:27 to contrast feelings about vicious circles vs other types of circles…

my feelings are a little different when it comes to vicious circles…though i have always loved circles, i feel a little different about vicious circles. they’re not the best kind of circles

when it comes to is for considering a specific point or detail, in this case, vicious circles.

starting at 4:40 there is a characterization of running away that lasts 13 seconds. both run away and it’s only me (3:43) also appear in the lyrics to dead man’s party, analyzed in toluca lyric 2.

richyrocks from toluca lyric 2--it's only me

from toluca lyric 2: dead man’s party

the phrasal verb end up is used at 4:55 in the comment

i ended up at the same place because i was running in a circle.

end up means arrive to after a long process. it is complicated to apply 🙁

travls kelce vs charger defense at estadio azteca 2019--chiefs 'end up' winning super bowl, phrasal verbs

in november, the kansas city chiefs beat the los angeles chargers in estadio azteca in mexico city. they ended up winning super bowl liv

starting at 5:12, there are a series of graphics that present the lyrics

i dare u to do something, i’m waiting on u again so i don’t take the blame

dare means challenge. the phrasal verb wait on in this context is similar to the verb wait. it is used that way in the title of this excellent song/video by the rolling stones.

blame is responsibility for the failed relationship. circles can also be seen on as part of a playlist of songs about blame.

the end of toluca lyric 8 is a series of jokes based on usage of the word post and analysis of what the lyrics say about post malone’s feelings at the end of the relationship described in circles.

in the phrase u pissed post off, spoken at 5:25, piss off means make angry.

anger from inside out--

anger from inside out: he’s always pissed off

at 5:30 this is post getting the fuck outta here is an announcement of post exiting the relationship. get outta here means leave. outta is a reduction of out of. the fuck is added for emphasis.

a meme of paulie walnuts from sopranos that reads: get the fuck outta here---

paulie frequently said this on the sopranos

post as a prefix means after, so check out the postgame show to see how u fucked up again (5:36) is a reference to the shows after sporting events that offer analysis and commentary. fuck up means make a mistake.

a postgame show brought to u by subway--postgame show, idioms

a postgame show brought to u by subway

postscript: shit’s over. your fault reiterates that post doesn’t want to take blame for the failure of the relationship. shit’s is an abbreviation of the shit is. shit in this scenario refers to the relationship. a postscript adds information to the end of a letter, and as the graphic at 5:41 shows, it is often abbreviated p.s. the beatles used p.s. in the title of this song…

read about it on my instagram post later connects the name post with the way information is shared on instagram.


the verb have is used in the expressions have a good time and have fun. this usually isn’t intuitive for spanish speakers as these emotions translate into spanish as divertirse or pasarse. at 5:53 in toluca lyric 8, this is demonstrated in the comment if u had a good time watching the video. there are more examples here on

that should just about do it at 6:00 is a typical way to conclude a conversation.

at 6:20 the final line of the video is get out there and get yours in 2020. get yours means obtain what u need or deserve. there are many applications of the expression that u can study here on

danny devito with a dog andtext that reads get yours--vocabulario en inglés

danny devito telling small business owners that they deserve the services of quickbooks, an accounting software

there is much more information about toluca lyric 8 and circles here and here. do u still have questions? post them under leave a reply

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