tidy toilet, tidy workplace & tidy white underpants

tidy means clean or organized.

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

it may aid your memory to associate it with one of the weirdest advertizing icons ever, the ty-d-bol man.

ty-d-bol man
ty-d-bowl man: cruising around your toliet in a boat (tvacres.com)

ty-d-bol is a toilet bowl cleanser. it works so effectively that ty-d-bol man isn’t afraid to go boating around your toilet wearing white slacks (dress pants) and white shoes. the very un-earth-friendly message of this commercial is that back in the 70s they improved ty-d-bol by packaging it in a plastic bottle.

tidy is also frequently found in descriptions of the japanese system of organization, 5s.

a visual of 5s in english. look under shine

indeed tidiness (the equivalent noun) is often included as the english translation for the first s, as in this article

seiri = tidiness 

walter white tidy whities
walter white wearing tidy whities in breaking bad

tidy whities are also a style of men’s underwear.

are u a fan of tidy whities? or do u prefer bikinis or boxers? share your thoughts under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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