the time of your life is the time of my life

the title of pitbull & ne-yo‘s hit of the moment time of our lives is a common theme in popular music

the idea of the video is that though they are famous and wealthy (richtoday, both pitbull and ne-yo lived through tough times (hard, difficult) when they were everyday guys who didn’t have money. despite their lack of funds (not having money) in the past, they still wanted to have a good time; in fact, they wanted even more than that. they wanted to have the best moments of their lives.

dancing their asses off and having the time of their lives

johnny (patrick swayze) & baby (jennifer grey) had this type of experience dancing together in the movie dirty dancing. the track that expresses their “never before emotion” is i’ve had the time of my life

the black eyed peas brought the song to a new generation by sampling it in the time (dirty bit).  it was included as part of their halftime performance at super bowl xlv

good riddance (the time of your life) by green day wishes listeners the same sentiment.

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good riddance is an expression to use when u are happy that something has finished or gone.  it is related to the useful phrasal verb get rid of (eliminate).

and randy newman‘s the time of your life, the soundtrack for the closing credits of the movie a bug’s life, recommends living life to its fullest

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have fun, amigos.

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