westbrook commercials: that’s what i’m talking about

that’s what i’m talking about is the title of the newest video on the richyrocks youtube channel. it is full of cool vocabulary including the title itself which, as the video mentions at 2:40, is an expression that indicates approval.

it’s inspired by two commercials starring oklahoma city thunder superstar russell westbrook.  this one for the energy drink mountain dew kickstart, includes the expression that’s what i’m talking about at :13

kickstart is how a motorcycle is started and also means a quick boost of energy.

kick starting his bike

motley crue‘s rock anthem kickstart my heart was inspired by an out of body experience that bassist nikki sixx had. he was revived (kick started), after being declared dead.

and this commercial for foot locker, a shoe store, features westbrook mentoring a young basketball player.

the richyrocks video explains that the use of the passive voice (are u ready to be told you’re not ready?) sets up a nice surprise in the foot locker vid: a cameo (short unexpected appearance by a celebrity) from movie director spike lee at :25.

be like mike that's what i'm talking about
the famous line that spike lee uses in the russell westbrook foot locker commercial.

watch the video that’s what i’m talking about again and listen for the expression speaking of…. it’s used to connect to a new but related topic of conversation. u can hear it twice.

at 2:00 it’s used as a transition between the two westbrook commercials. in the foot locker commercial spike lee tells the young player russell is mentoring that he isn’t ready through a reference to an old michael jordan gatorade commercial (be like mike and retire!). and speaking of basketball players promoting beverages…… russell westbrook’s mountatin dew kickstart ad.

dope shirt. that’s what i’m talking about!

then at 2:55, after presenting two other examples of dope shirts; speaking of dope shirts, check out richy’s dope shirt.

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

speak of the devil is a related idiom.  when u are talking about somebody and then they show up  (appear) unexpectedly it’s typical to say speak of the devil.

a literal example of “speak of the devil”. how can the other lady speak of the devil without a mouth?  (mark lynch)

finally, the richyrocks video ends with a tongue twister, a phrase that is difficult to pronounce correctly. westbrook responds is definitely easier than classic tongue twisters such as she sells seashells by the seashore or one smart fellow he felt smart, but i messed up (made mistakes) a couple times when i tried to say it.

do u have other questions about the vocabulary in any of these videos? post them under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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