ratings for super bowl xlix

the nfl was under fire (receiving criticism) for much of the 2014 season, but were the league’s highly publicized problems enough to impact the ratings for the super bowl? was the league’s popularity affected?

kearse-catch i kearse catch ii
jermaine kearse’s miraculous catch will remain an icon for super bowl xilix, which produced the highest tv ratings in history (andy lyons, charlie reidel)

apparently not.  this article by juliet macur in the new york times, reports that super bowl xlix was the most watched event in the history of american television. the headline…..

Cheering. Cringing. Loving. Hating. But Watching.

…..observes that despite highly publicized domestic violence cases against nfl players, increased consciousness about years of head injuries including two players who may have suffered concussions in yesterday’s game, a gruesome injury during the first quarter that was probably the source of the cringing, the commissioner, roger goodell, getting booed in when presenting the lombardi trophy to victorious patriots, and an alleged (accused but not proven) cheating scandal pestering the patriots; the fans still watched the super bowl at a record level.

Super Bowl XLIX Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots
malcolm butler‘s interception saved the day and sealed the victory for the patriots (epa)

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

did u watch super bowl xlix? what did u think of the game? are there any controversies that could affect the nfl’s tv ratings or destory its fanbase? share your opinions under leave a reply





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