silver linings: is there really always a silver lining? used the expression silver lining twice this week in reference to sports injuries.

jordy nelson silver lining
packers fans probably don’t see any silver lining in this. (charles leclaire/usa today sports) 

after green bay packer wide receiver jordy nelson suffered a season-ending injury,  john breech  that glover quin, a safety for their division rival, the detroit lions

actually sees a silver lining for the packers: since nelson was injured in mid-august, green bay’s offense will have a few weeks before the regular season starts to figure out how its offense will operate without him.

cloud sliver lining
clouds & silver linings

every cloud has a silver lining means in every negative situation something positive can be found. the idea is often shortened to just silver lining.

figure out means analyze and find a solution.

kevin love kyrie irving silver lining
love (left) & irving (right): y’know, your injury could really be a silver lining  for me. (tony dejak,ap photo)

the cleveland cavaliers of the nba have an equal or greater injury issue with their point guard, 2014 world cup mvp kyrie irving.  ken berger sees a potential benefit

the bottom line, of course, is that it isn’t going to matter in may and june who was healthy and on the floor for cleveland in november and december….. lebron james needs kyrie irving from april on. in the meantime, maybe the silver lining for the cavs will be that kevin love finally gets a chance to get comfortable and experience what it’s like to be lebron’s wingman. if that’s the end result, then irving’s longer absence won’t be a setback for the cavs.

bottom line refers to what is really important. in the meantime means until then.  get comfortable indicates the transition kevin love needs to make going from uncomfortable to comfortable. a wingman provides support and a setback is a problem.

jennifer lawrence silver lining
jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper in silver lining playbook

in 2013, the silver lining playbook was nominated for 5 academy awards and star jennifer lawrence won for best actress. the title sounds like a book of strategies to help find positive perspectives in life.

and the opening verse of feel the love by cut copy says

all the girls i’ve known are crying
but all the clouds have silver linings
and though my days are counting backwards
i know that you will have the right words

though (not thought or through) is used to contrast ideas, similar to but.  though is more flexible than but as it can appear at the beginning of two contrasting ideas, between them or following them. the idea in the lyrics above can be expressed with but like this: my days are counting backwards but i know that you have the right words.

do u see the silver linings in the injuries to jordy nelson and kyrie irving? do u agree with the idiom that every cloud has a silver lining?  share your opinions under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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