remembering the silly silo

adventureland amusement park in suburban des moines. iowa opens for the summer tomorrow.  one attraction no longer available to visitors of the park is the notorious silly silo, which was shut down after the 2013 season.  it is gone but not forgotten.

the silly silo
the silly silo

the silo had a rustic, metallic essence that was more nauseating than silly (nonsensical, dopey) as if built from old farm parts for the purpose of torturing adversaries.

the name silly silo is a reference to iowa’s agricultural landscape. silos are commonly seen on iowa farms. most of them are functional, not silly.

admittedly, it doesn’t look so bad in this video….

in fact, this is a pretty unemotional spin on the silly silo. no one screams at all,  and there is only the slightest emotion when the floor falls away leaving all the riders stuck to the wall (they can’t move). nevertheless, (anyway, despite that) no other ride in the park has ever provoked more vomit (ejection of material from the stomach) than the silly silo.

twas (it was) nostalgia for the silly silo that inspired this video from the richyrocks youtube channelthe bounciness of the camera images makes it feel like u are actually hearing this story while spinning inside the ride!

understanding the following vocabulary will help u appreciate the story more.

sawdust (:12 on the video) is often used to clean up puke (vomit).

sawdust can be used to clean up vomit

mint chip (:20) is a flavor of ice cream. it’s green. in this story it generates green vomit, which then turns the sawdust green, creating an unforgettable adventureland memory.

mint chip cone
a mint chip cone

nephews (:30) are the male children of your brothers & sisters.

fun efl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

after all (:53) is used to emphasize a conclusion that is the opposite of what’s expected. in this case, getting an ice cream cone before riding the silly silo didn’t appear to be a bad idea, but it was.

all that minty (1:00) is a sarcastic way to say that even if ice cream is mint flavored, it will not smell minty coming out as vomit.

hurley is a sports clothing brand. it is ironic in this anecdote (1:07) because the verb hurl is one of many synonyms for vomit.

cool guy in a hurley t-shirt
does his t-shirt make u think of puke?

turn it up a notch (1:21) is an expression that means increase the intensity or in this story, the velocity of the ride.

good riddance (1:47) is an expression used to show happiness that something has gone or finished.

have u ever ridden a ride similar to the silly silo? what was it called? did anything memorable happen when u went on the ride? share your experience under leave a reply




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