orange is the new black, season 3

are u an orange is the new black fan?

season 3 of the wildly popular netflix series set in litchfield women’s prison is now available and the trailer for the new season is loaded with worthwhile language lessons.

the video starts with a conversation between two of the inmates (prisoners), black cindy (adrienne moore) and taystee (danielle brooks).

black cindy orange is the new black taystee orange is the new black
black cindy & taystee

black cindy is spraying herself all over with disinfectant–including inside her underwear. taystee doesn’t think this is a good idea, but cindy, unfazed, tells her

my grandma used to douche with disinfectant

a douche is a device women use to clean their vaginas.

summer's evedouchebag
a popular brand of douche & a douchebag

later on we see joe caputo (nick sandow) who was promoted to assistant to the warden (director of a prison) at the end of season 2.

joe caputo orange is the new black
joe caputo: it’s complicated in here

he explains

these are complicated ladies in a complicated place 

it’s complicated is one of 11 options for relationship status on facebook.  note that in both of these situations, it’s necessary to use complicated, the adjective, not complicate the verb.

it's complicated
many of the characters on orange is the new black could use this as their relationship stauts

there is a moment of reflection by poussey (samira wiley) where she says

this place is beating me down

this is interesting because while it may seem like beat down and beat up should be opposites, they are actually almost the same thing. both indicate physical, violent confrontation but beat up can mean there is a winner and a loser whereas beat down focuses more on the intensity of the beating.

poussey orange is the new black
poussey feels beat down.

poussey’s idea in the trailer is that the prison is psychologically beating her down.

suzanne "crazy eyes" warren played by uzo aduba
crazy eyes

and the second comment from the end, i.e. the penultimate comment, is crazy eyes (uzo aduba) declaring

once you know santa claus isn’t real, it’s all downhill from there

it’s all downhill from there is worth some analysis too, because it can have two different meanings that are almost opposites.

downhill mountain biking
a bike going downhill

it can indicate that after a certain point, everything will get easier.

but in this case, crazy eyes believes that everything gradually gets worse and the demise can’t be stopped.

once in this context means when.

fun esl practice  richyrocks english on youtube

there are also several graphics in the trailer that are educational.

omfg is an expression used to show shock, extreme surprise. omg is an abbreviation for o my god and as with the hip hop pop group lmfao, the f is to get more attention and stands for the adjective fucking.

hillary omfg
hillary can’t fuckin believe it 

believe the hype means that all of the buzz (excitement), the positive reviews and crazy comments you’ve heard about orange is the new black are credible and deserved.

finally, orange is my drug and the call to action of join the addiction are references to the practice of binge watching (viewing many episodes of a series in a row) on netflix. 

are u a fan of orange is the new black?  will u binge watch the new season this weekend? share your answers under leave a reply



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