nobody remembers second place

nobody remembers second place is a common expression used to motivate competitors to accept nothing less than a victory.  it is also the title of the latest video on the richyrocks youtube channel.

if the celebration of silver (and bronze) medalists at the olympics in rio wasn’t enough evidence that we do indeed  (really) remember second place, the vid gives several other examples.

some other cool vocab to consider—-

likewise is used at 1:16 to compare the 2016 golden state warriors of the nba and the 2007 new england patriots of the nfl. it means similarly, which is used at :41 to compare u.s. politics to the brexit.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

back in the day when there was no internet, and  encyclopedias, phone directories, dictionaries and other reference materials were how we got info, look it up was typically used in response to a query that couldn’t be answered. u still might hear an occasional “look it up on google”, but google it , used at 1:40, is what the cool kids say nowadays.

looking it up--second place

look it up? man, that shit is old school. (

at 1:55 the video suggests that lionel messi and the argentina national football team

might actually wish people would forget second place. and stop with the trolling!

might means maybe, there’s a possibility. wish used with would indicates a desire for something different. and trolling is posting with the intention of deliberately pissing people off (making them angry).

lombardi winning isn't everything
this is another motivational phrase about winning/losing that is not included in the video. it was made famous by green bay packers coach vince lombardi, the guy the super bowl trophy is named after. (

one of the alternatives to nobobdy remembers second place that is suggested at 2:10 is

 if u ain’t first, you’re last.

it was popualarized by the auto racing comedy talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby.

ricky bobby: if u ain't first you're last

if u ain’t first, you’re last is ricky bobby’s inspiration and it guides him to various victoires, even though his dad was high when he said it.

finally, runner-up also means second place.  there is not a word “sub-champion” in english that is equivalent to subcampeon in spanish. and even though we do often remember second place, we are the runner-up is a totally unnecessary song.

what do u think? is first place the only one  that matters in a competition? is there an expression similar to nobody remembers second place in your language? how does it translate into english?  share your thoughts under leave a reply


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