netflix: don’t say ‘binge watch’?

an interesting perspective on the idiom binge watch was revealed during a recent interview with guy pearce on the empire film podcast. pearce was asked if he thinks viewers binge watch his netflix series the innocents. pearce answered

people do, but I don’t think netflix like the term ‘binge‘. when we did the promotion for this [the innocents] in the [united] states, we were strictly sort of instructed beforehand not to talk about ‘binge watching’.

sort of means kind of, in a way. beforehand is another way to say before.

cool elt practice :) richyrocks on youtube

poster for the netflix series

andy boettcher wrote about the interview on he points out that

the term “binge watching” has been around for several years now, with its widespread usage primarily rooted in the popularity of streaming services such as netflix, hulu, and amazon prime. the phrase also reflects the most common mindset associated with how people view streaming services.

widespread means in many places. rooted indicates that binge watching’s popularity as a phrase is directly a result of the popularity of streaming services. such as is used to present examples. mindset is mentality, a way of thinking.

a plant sustained by its roots

a plant and its roots

boettcher elaborates on some research that netflix did a few years ago and provides a satisfactory definition for binge watching.

in 2014, netflix surveyed viewers to find that 61% of those surveyed binge watch regularly. the same study found that 73% of the people surveyed defined binge watching as “watching between 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting.” while the term “binge” at one point was primarily associated with binge drinking or binge eating, it has quickly become associated with netflix and company, which makes sense given that new seasons for the vast majority of their TV shows are made available all at once, thus allowing people to watch all the episodes in one or two sittings.

a survey, like a poll is a group of questions asked to collect information. a sitting is a period of time seated doing a specific activity. make sense means easy to understand. a vast majority is a really big majority. thus means in that way.

cartman from south park meme: that doesn't even make any logical sense, mama

cartman having trouble understanding his mom’s logic

taking the information that netflix gathered (collected, brought together) from the survey into account, the article speculates about why netflix would have this opinion, but doesn’t really reach a conclusion.

regardless, it is interesting to see the streaming service warn its actors against using language that is so ingrained in the conversation surrounding netflix.

regardless means it doesn’t matter. ingrained means established, rooted. surrounding is around.

a lady binge eating while she binge watches

binge watching & binge eating at the same time

the rationale (logic) behind netflix’s position?

with the phrase’s origins coming from places of addictive struggles such as binge drinking and binge eating, avoiding the phrase does make some sense.

struggles are serious problems. avoid means not use.

if u binge watch all night, u will definitely be struggling at work the next day

so there are some justifications for not using binge in reference to watching netflix…

yet, the conversation around the streaming giant has become so prevalent in discussions of television series and movies that the phrase “bingeing” may be more associated with the new season of luke cage than eating or drinking in peoples’ minds.

yet means anyway, nevertheless. may be associated is passive voice. it is implied that the public associates bingeing with streaming more than drinking or eating (or using cocaine), but the public isn’t used as a subject. in the phrase may be associated, be is an auxiliary, associated is a past participle.

why doesn’t netflix want their brand associated with bingeing?

what activities do you think of when u hear the word binge? share your thoughts under leave a reply


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