mike mccaul: donald trump’s secretary of homeland security?

a few days ago, foxnews published an opinon from texas congressman mike mccaul pledging solidarity and support  for president-elect donald trump’s campaign promises of building a wall between the u.s. and mexico, and not allowing muslims to enter the u.s. the article had the additional motivation of keeping mccaul’s name in the mix (under consideration) to be in trump’s cabinet as the secretary of homeland security.

homeland (the series)

this popular series is about the cia, not the department of homeland security.

mccaul said

donald trump campaigned on a big promise: he would secure our border and confront the illegal immigration crisis head-on. a lot of people doubted him. and why not? politicians have been promising to do this for years, and they have let americans down every single time.

head-on means directly and aggressively. politicians are the people who participate in politicslet down means disappoint.  every single emphasizes that it always happens.

head on headache remedy

headon is also the name of a headache remedy that is applied directly to the forehead.

and mccaul, like the politician that he is, vows this time will be different

we are going to build the wall. period. in the process, i pledge to stand side-by-side with the trump administration to throw out obama’s reckless immigration policies and start enforcing our nation’s laws.

period is used in this context to say end of discussion, that’s all.  like a period marking the end of a sentence. click here for a totally different meaning for period.  pledge means a serious promise. side-by-side is similar to arm in arm or shoulder to shoulder and demonstrates solidarity. throw out means get rid of, reckless means not careful, dangerous.

mike mccaul NOT side by side with donald trump

i couldn’t find a photo where mike mccaul is actually side by side with trump. (ap photo/j. scott applewhite)

mccaul, like many americans, feels that u.s. immigration issues were created by the countries where the migrants come from

our neighbors have failed to contain the crisis within their own countries, and they must have skin in the game to fix it once and for all…. for starters, we can put in place new immigration fees from mexico, institute a security toll at border crossings, “seize and freeze” drug cartel assets, and more. but it shouldn’t be limited to mexico.  other countries in latin america have contributed to the crisis—and failed to rein in the chaos—so they should also help pay for these fixes.

within is inside of. skin in the game is a fashionable expression that means a strong interest, a significant stake. once and for all means finally and forever. i.e. the participation of other countries is necessary to find a final solution to this problem. fee and toll are prices paid for services. seize means confiscating, taking drugs from cartels by forcefreeze is blocking the cartels’ financial movements. rein in means get control of. the original idea of rein comes from horseriding.

riding a horse. holding the reins.

mccaul sees the role of u.s. diplomacy as advising other nations on how to keep their problems off american soil

in turn, we will offer to work with them to help their governments figure out how to secure their own borders and keep threats from spilling over into neighboring countries like our own.

in turn contrasts what the united states’ responsibility is in fixing its immigration situation vs what is expected from other countries .  figure out means analyze and find a solution. borders are the divisions between countries–where one country ends and antoher begins. threat indicates the potential for damage or danger.  spill over means cross, enter inadvertently.

toll booth

the place where drivers pay a toll to use a road is known as a toll booth.

mccaul’s commentary also reminds readers that migrants are responsible for unemployment in the u.s working class…….

in the meantime, we can’t forget about american workers.

in the meantime in this context is referencing how long it will take for trump’s policies to work.

mike mccaul making a point

mccaul: we will work with our neighbors to figure out how they can fix our immigration problem.

as for muslims, mccaul proposes that

in countries where our law enforcement and intelligence officials tell us we cannot confidently weed out islamist terror operatives, we will temporarily suspend immigration until better security checks can be put in place.

weed out is a phrasal verb related to gardening. it means remove from a group.  put in place means implement.

weeding out a garden

weeds are the unwanted plants in a garden. (gardenknowhow.com)

mike mccaul is one of a few candidates under consideration for secretary of homeland security. if president donald trump picks (selects) him, even americans who pay attention to politics will ask, “who the fuck is mike mccaul?”  whoever is selected, they will likely have a philosophy similar to mccaul’s, and there is a possiblity that trump could choose someone even more aggressively anti-immigrant.

what will the united states under president donald trump look like? are u worried about how latin americans, muslims and other groups are going to be treated? share your observations under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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