marshawn lynch loves oakland

marshawn lynch, star running back for the seattle seahawks (aka beast mode) doesn’t like to talk to journalists. he has spent this week refusing to say anything substantial to reporters, which ironically has led to him receiving more media attention than any other player playing in super bowl xlix this sunday.

marshawn lynch enjoying super bowl xlix media day

but while some have criticized lynch’s resistance to share info, his teammates, head coach and several players and coaches from other teams have defended him.

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and one member of the media who lynch will talk to, michael silver, wrote this article explaining the strong connection between the star running back’s personality and the city where he grew up (transformed from a child to an adult); oakland, california.

the article reports that marshawn’s high school coach says this about oakland

every kid that comes from here is a grinder…..’cause it’s a grind here. and if you’re soft in oakland, you might get eaten up.

describing oakland as a grind is a reference to the hard reputation the city has and referring to kids from oakland as grinders is saying that kids who grow up there are strong, resilient.

beast mode celebrating a touchdown

lynch’s uncle gives this opinion

he loves oakland to the point where he will give all the money … it means nothing compared to saving a kid. he’ll give that up in a heartbeat to save a child’s life.

give up means sacrifice or let go.  using childs as the plural for child is a common mistake (children is the plural) but child’s here is possessive.

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2014 - Showmarshawn-lynch-slime960x540
marshawn lynch at the kids choice sports awards last year (seattle

and delisa lynch, marshawn’s mom tells this story

he was at [his old high school] one day, and there was this guy who saw marshawn’s shoes and…….was like, “i wish i could have a pair of shoes like those. those are so nice. they’re so tight.” and marshawn was like, ‘well, what size do you wear?’ and the little guy told him what size, and it just so happened to be the same size marshawn had on. he took those shoes off and he gave ’em to the little guy and he left that school with no shoes on his feet. and it was cold that day, too.”

like appears twice here to introduce dialogue. in this context, like replaces said. it is commonly used when telling a story. tight in this context means cool or stylish.  it just so happens is an expression used to indicate a coincidence.

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